Sister Wives: Will Any of the Brown Children Become Polygamists?

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Meri Brown, Christine Brown, Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown have been very busy over the years.

Starring on a hit reality?

Yes, of course, as viewers of the TLC series Sister Wives know very well.

But this quartet has also been busy over the years cranking out kids and raising kids, as they have 18 between them and shared husband Kody Brown.

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That's a whole lot of sons and daughters, some of whom have been featured on the aforementioned reality show and others who have not been.

All of these children appear to have one thing in common, however:

They aren't very big fans of their parents' chosen lifestyle.

Which is to say the following: No younger member of the Brown family is on track to be a polygamist.

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This isn't merely our opinion, either.

Janelle said this herself in an interview this past February with Entertainment Tonight.

"I think we can acknowledge they love [having a] big family and brothers and sisters," she explained at the time.

"[They] haven't expressed interest in plural marriage, but [they] love family, so they've separated how family was growing up and how they wanna live their life.

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And how does this make Janelle feel?

Does she wish her kids would follow in her romantic footsteps?

"We’ve always been pro find your own relationship with God and make your own choices," Janelle added to ET awhile back.

"Just because we're doing it doesn't mean necessarily it's for you. We're pretty open with that choice."

Robyn, Kody and Meri

Few of the children themselves have really spoken on this awkward topic, but Mariah Brown has been very open about her sexuality for years.

She's engaged to a woman named Audrey.

And Meri, for her part, said on a previous Sister Wives episode that she's glad Mariah is committed to one woman -- as opposed to joining any kind of plural marriage.

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Speaking on air, Meri threw her religion under somewhat of a bus earlier this year when she said:

"The culture I grew up in was:

"You need to get married when you're young, and you need to have kids, and you need to be quiet about who you are, and you just need to just stay in this little box."

Doesn't sound very healthy, does it?

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Christine, meanwhile, has also said that none of her six kids are interested in polygamy, either. ("We've talked and none of my kids are gonna live our lifestyle," she told ET.)

And it's easy to see why, isn't it? Once you consider two things:

1. All four of the Sister Wives seem to be miserable.

2. Kody himself has said polygamy sucks!

Kody Brown, Angry Again

"I’ll be frank, plural marriage is not a challenge that I enjoy,” the father of 18 said in a Sister Wives confessional this spring, adding that he's become "cynical" about the entire enterprise.

“There’s this belief in our religion of, this sort of thought process of, ‘Endure to the end,’” Kody added of this epiphany, which it somehow took him decades to arrive at.

“I’m looking back at nearly 30 years of plural marriage, or marriage in general, of our family, and it has been sort of an ‘Endure to the end’ experience

"Looking forward to your death so you can meet the Almighty and say ‘See how I endured all the personalities here!’”

Kody Brown on the Show Sister Wives

What a sweetheart, huh?

It's simply shocking that he hasn't been able to make any of his spouses happy, and equally shocking that the example he's set hasn't prompted any of his kids to want to enter into a plural marriage.

We're just kidding.

It's not shocking at all.

Kody Brown: I Suck Hard!

This guy right here?

The one pictured directly above?

He is the worst.

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