Travis Barker: Scott Disick & Amelia Hamlin's Relationship is Creepy AF!

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Scott Disick is currently learning the hard way that things have changed, and guys like him can't get away with as much as they used to.

There was a time when Scott's predilection for much younger women wouldn't have caused many problems for the former reality star. 

(As long as said younger women were of age, of course.) 

But in the post-#MeToo world, we have a better understanding of the ways in which power imbalances within relationships can lead to subtle forms of victimization or even abuse.

Amelia Hamlin Looks Like Khloe Kardashian

To be clear, we're not accusing Scott of anything so severe, but it's not a bad thing that relationships like his current one -- Scott is 38; Amelia just 19 -- are subject to greater scrutiny these days.

Insiders say Amelia's mother, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna, was not happy about the relationship at first.

It seems, however, that the actress-turned-reality star has grudgingly come to accept Scott's role in her daughter's life.

Amelia Hamlin With Scott

But while Lisa may have had a change of heart, it appears that quite a few others are still highly skeptical with regard to Scott's motives and intentions. 

Take Travis Barker, for example.

As you probably know, Travis is dating Kourtney Kardashian these days, so while he's not directly linked to Scott and Amelia, theirs is also not a situation that he can easily ignore.

Travis, Scott, Amelia

And it's worth noting, of course, that Travis has two teenage kids, both of whom are very close in age to Amelia.

So barker has probably spent some time asking himself how we would feel if either of one those kids were to bring home a 38-year-old with three kids at home.

While Travis has not yet spoken out about Scott's dating preferences, he recently made his feelings known in an unmistakable way.

Travis Comment

When a Kardashian fan page noted that Travis, Kourtney, Scott, and Amelia all had dinner together at LA hot spot Nobu this week, Travis "liked" a comment that suggested the evening was intensely awkward due to Hamlin being decades younger than the other guests.

“It’s so odd to me. Like, what does a 2001 baby have to do [with] these grown a– people? I know that dinner was awkward as hell,” the commenter wrote.

Fans were shocked to see that Travis had given the comment his seal of approval.

Travis Barker in 2020

As for what Kourtney thinks about her ex's relationship -- sources say she doesn't. 

An insider tells E! News that Kourtney “is unbothered" by Scott's new romance.

“It’s not weird for her to see them together by any means,” the source adds.

Amelia Hamlin With Scott

And while you might think that that would be exactly what Scott wants, it seems he's actually upset about his ex's indifference.

“He wishes Kourtney was more affected by it, like he is about Kourtney and Travis,” says the insider.

But Koutrney is only interested in one man at the moment -- and it's definitely not Scott.

Kourtney Tattoos Travis

The source says that she and Travis are “so beyond obsessed with each other."

And apparently, that obsession is beginning to get under Scott's skin.

“Scott hasn’t hung out in a big family setting with Kourtney and Travis yet," says the insider.

Travis and Kourtney Pack on the PDA

"He’s still a little skeptical of their relationship and hurt by it."

In other words, Scott is hoping that Travis will eventually meet with the disapproval of Kris, Khloe, and Kim, Disick's longtime allies within the Kardashian clan.

We wouldn't get our hopes up if we were Scott -- insiders say the family is almost as gaga for Travis as Kourtney is!

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