Elizabeth Potthast Slammed for Defending Andrei Castravet: Stop Making Excuses!

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On last weekend's episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Andrei clashed with the Potthast family.

Elizabeth's Potthast's husband's time on the franchise had been defined by these conflicts.

Many fans don't really understand what, aside from physical appeal, Libby sees in Andrei.

But more and more viewers are outraged that she not only stays with him, but sides with him against her family.

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet head to meet their attorney

What's interesting about this gripe that fans have is that, well, a lot of people don't like the Potthasts.

They rubbed many viewers the wrong way by appearing snobby, especially while visiting Moldova.

Additionally, the way that some -- especially Charlie, but not only him -- behave seems over the top.

Charlie Potthast shows up mad, tells Andrei everything goes through him

Charlie is bossy, he acts like a fool when he's drunk, and he clearly has anger issues on screen.

His family seems to enable him, which makes them a part of his clownery.

Even on their own, many of them cross boundaries and are rude.

Andrei Castravet says they're just jealous that he's building something and maybe he'll quit

But Andrei is just worse in the eyes of viewers.

As we recently covered, many Russian speakers are appalled by the language that Andrei uses.

It's not just that he uses "bad words" ... it's about the context.

Andrei Castravet and a menacing(?) gas stove

Andrei's foul mouth seems to often be directed as his wife, Elizabeth.

TLC does not bleep Russian obscenities as they would English ones, so Russian speakers hear an earful.

They cannot imagine speaking to their loved ones in that manner, especially during an argument.

Andrei Castravet picks up Chuck Potthast for first day of work

Andrei also makes his entitled in-laws seems like amateurs.

For years, despite Elizabeth and her father begging him to, he refused to work if it meant working for Chuck.

Eventually, he reframed this as being a stay-at-home dad, but we all remember how it started: his stubborn pride.

Andrei Castravet demolishes a kitchen

What's more is that Andrei's recent "interest" in holding a job seems to be less about supporting his family than it seems.

As the immigration attorney told him, he will have to show evidence that he is employed to get his extended green card.

This would not have really been new information at that meeting.

Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast are shown how much evidence is needed

So just because Andrei was shown getting a job before that sit-down doesn't really mean much.

Viewers suspect that this is the real reason why he suddenly got a job.

It was a simple matter to be filmed seeking the job and then "learn" about it being a requirement in a later episode.

Andrei Castravet - like, a dumbass can do it

At that job, Andrei's demeanor -- believing that he's the best without evidence, driving off in a rage -- is off-putting.

No one is saying that the job looks fun under the circumstnaces, and it's true that working with family can be tough.

But driving off in a raging huff the moment that you are challenged? That's not grownup behavior.

Andrei Castravet drives angrily away from Charlie confrontation

Andrei is also deeply misogynistic in a number of ways.

Most recently, this has been on display in his opposition to getting a nanny.

He thinks that Libby should work and be a mom, simply because it's possible to do -- even though it's not fun or healthy.

Andrei Castravet - you know how I feel about those nannies

Andrei thinks this because his mother worked while parenting.

He also has backwards cultural expectations of Libby because of some bizarre ideas about gender roles.

Nobody should ignore their spouse's needs.

Elizabeth Potthast unhappy with how her family treats Andrei

But fans are frustrated with Elizabeth.

She will complain and complain -- and rightly so -- about Andrei.

But the minute that someone else has the same gripe that she has about her husband, she snaps.

Elizabeth Potthast explains ongoing push to get a nanny

“Both ignorant af," a Reddit denizen recently declared.

"She talks negative about her family to him and then negative about him to her family," that fan observed.

The same commenter added: "Its just insane! Pick a side you moron."

Andrei Castravet goes off at the house

Others chimed in to say that they are so fatigued with Libby making excuses for Andrei.

She always wants to characterize him as an "alpha male," but that's not a real thing.

Even wolf packs in the wild do not have "alpha males" -- really -- and it's no excuse for bad behavior.

Andrei Castravet - (first day of) work with Chuck was not the best

“That demolition was the most amateur s--t I have ever seen...” another commented.

Many fans agreed, citing the destruction of what may have been a perfectly salvageable fridge.

Others shared Charlie's concern that perhaps the gas was not turned off. It would be great if Andrei were as smart as he thinks that he is.

HEA 6x07 preview - Elizabeth Potthast lunges at Becky

But fans are mostly just tired of Libby playing both sides for sympathy, when one side seems way more supportive.

There are very few "good" reasons to lunge at and attack your sibling.

Someone insulting Andrei is certainly not one of them.

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