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If you watched Claire Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette, then the name Blake Moynes should already be familiar to you.

Blake was the burly Canadian who wore his heart on his sleeve and bore more than a passing resemblance to Wreck-It Ralph.

Midseason drop-ins from contestants of seasons past have become the norm in the Bachelor-verse, and this season, it’ll be Blake dropping in to stir the pot and piss off the guys who have been there since day one.

But it seems that Blake will be receiving a much warmer welcome from Katie than Heather Martin received from Matt James.

Katie and Blake

This is the part where we warn you again that spoilers lie ahead.

In other words, don’t continue reading if you want to be surprised by the outcome of Katie’s season.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, we can get into exactly why Blake’s arrival is such a big deal:

Photo via Instagram

We’ve known for a while that Moynes is part of Katie’s final four.

And new intel indicates that Katie chooses Blake as the recipient of her final rose.

It’s unclear if the couple is engaged or not, but fans have pointed out that Ms. Thurston appears to be hiding her ringfinger in recent photos.

Katie Thurston Puckers Up

Now, it’s important to note that most of this information comes from spoiler-master Reality Steve, and while he’s right the vast majority of the time, he has been wrong in the past.

For instance, he famously claimed that Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark did not get engaged in Tayshia’s season finale. 

But hey — everyone makes mistakes, and Steve called the winner correctly.

Photo via ABC

So it’s safe to say that Blake makes it to the end, and he and Katie are still together in some capacity.

And it’s safe to say that Moynes will be one of the most controversial winners in Bachelorette history.

A midseason replacement who was hung up on someone else just a few months ago?

Photo via ABC

Well, the course of true love never did run smooth, and judging by the reactions on Twitter, viewers are mostly psyched to see Blake get another shot at happiness!

"GIVE ME BLAKE MOYNES BABYYYYY," one ecstatic fan tweeted, according to Cosmo.

"I just remembered that Blake Moynes is gonna show up this season holy sh-t this isn’t even the most dramatic sh-t we will see," another wrote.

Photo via Instagram

"Never thought I’d be excited to see Blake Moynes back on my tv, but here I am absolutely ecstatic to see Blake Moynes will be back on my TV," a third chimed in. 

"I’m soooo ready for @BlakeMoynes to make his debut next week!" a fourth exclaimed.

You get the idea.

Photo via ABC

And in case you still have doubts about the power of the Moynes, here’s what Steve had to say about the likelihood of Blake winning it all:

“Yes, I know, he’s not on the show yet. But he will be next week. I’m not going to assign some sort of percentage of how sure I am to it since that never does me any good.

"Anyone who doesn’t want to see Blake win or just wants me to be wrong will find a way to pick it apart.

Katie Thurston Poses

"Sure, I expect there to be doubt like every season.

"All I can say is it’s been about a 7 week process since filming ended to get this info, and I’m very confident in what I’ve been told.”

So somebody better call Neil Lane, because it sounds like Katie won’t be thirstin’ for a husband much longer!