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These days, Jenelle Evans doesn’t have much to do other than stir up drama online as part of her continuing effort to cling to her last shreds of fame and thus, avoid getting a real job.

So when she succeeds in luring a more recent Teen Mom cast member into a feud, it’s sort of a bittersweet occasion.

The bad news is, someone finally took the bait, and they’re helping Jenelle to extend her 15 minutes in the spotlight.

But on the bright side, we get to enjoy watching Jenelle get owned by her newest rival, which is always fun!

Mackenzie Standifer, Jenelle Evans

This time, it’s Mackenzie Standifer’s turn to lock horns with the terminally bored Ms. Evans.

And Mack’s not messing around when it comes to putting Jenelle in her place.

The trouble began when Jenelle felt the need to throw some shade at Standifer and her husband, Ryan Edwards, during a recent interview with UK tabloid The Sun.

Photo via Instagram

Evans reiterated her belief that Ryan should be fired from Teen Mom OG as a result of his past struggles with addiction.

“I don’t think it’s healthy for teens to be watching other people on drugs, especially young teens who are watching Teen Mom," she told the outlet.

“You can tell he is in and out of drugs a lot, no matter what Mackenzie says, and I just think it doesn’t need to be aired.” 

Jenelle on Her TikTok

Okay, for starters, no teens are watching Teen Mom.

In fact, judging by the latest ratings reports, just about no one is watching Teen Mom, but that’s a conversation for another time.

On top of that, we’re pretty sure the youths who are tuning in won’t be corrupted by the sight of a guy who used to do heroin.

Ryan Edwards, On the Mend?

Thirdly, to this day, no one has done as many drugs on any Teen Mom show as Jenelle.

And finally, Ryan was fired from the show back in March for reasons that are unrelated to his substance abuse, so we’re not even sure what Jenelle is whining about here.

Of course, her goal in all of this was getting a rise out of Team Ryan, and it seems that that’s exactly what she’s done:

Jenelle Attempts a Flex

"Doesn’t she have a dog to go rescue, or a podcast to be fired from, or a bad TikTok dance to re-create?" Mackenzie responded to Jenelle’s unkind words.

“I don’t even know her,” Standifer told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup shortly after Jenelle’s Sun interview.

“And she doesn’t have to believe anything I say because I literally do not care what her (or anyone’s) thoughts are.”

Ryan and Mackenzie in 2021
Photo via Instagram

Now, this drama is exactly what Jenelle wanted, so we shouldn’t be the least bit surprised that she immediately went online to talk some more nonsensical trash.

“You know what’s really funny? You talk a lot of s–t about me but then you follow me and you keep messaging me. I was super nice to you?” Evans asked Mack.

From there, Jenelle informed Mackenzie that she should be “grateful the only thing I said was that maybe your husband shouldn’t be on drugs and that shouldn’t be aired on TV for young people to see."

Jenelle and David Are Day-Drinking

“That’s all I’m sayin’! That’s it!” Jenelle told Mackenzie.

“In my opinion, I feel like he’s being enabled by multiple people and family, and it seems like that’s how it’s always been," Evans continued.

"I don’t know, that’s my opinion on things. If you don’t like it, sorry. Maybe you should block me now.”

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards Together
Photo via Instagram

Yes, Jenelle is hiding behind her "that’s just my opinion!" shield.

Unfortunately, that’s not quite how these things work.

If you have differing views on who should win American Idol, you can chalk it up to opinion.

But when you’re publicly accusing someone of being on heroin … well, them’s fightin’ words.