Mackenzie McKee: Don't Watch Teen Mom OG This Season! I'm Totally Nuts!

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Mackenzie McKee has gone from complaining about others canceling her, in the wake of the reality star acting a tad bit racist...

... to now basically jumping on social media in order to cancel herself.


That's very often the case when it comes to this Teen Mom OG cast member, who has split from, and reconciled with, her husband on approximatelly 79 occasions.

Mackenzie McKee as an OG

McKee has spent the last several weeks worried that she's gonna be fired by MTV after having referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as a "colored woman" back in January.

No one outside of McKee has really brought this topic up for awhile, however.

No one from the aforementioned cable network has hinted that McKee could be on the way out.

And yet: McKee has been whining for ages now about getting canceled.

Mackenzie McKee, Florida Woman

The 26-year old Tweeted out a different concern this week, though.

She went off to fans about how she almost hopes they do NOT tune in for the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG -- because she's ashamed of how she acted during shooting.

mac admits

“I’m kinda not looking forward to this season on tm," McKee wrote over the weekend, adding in a bit more detail:

“My hormones going wack, plus crazy blood sugars, plus the sucky part of grief and just being a human ya know.

“I went psycho a few times so I’m sorry [in] advance.”

Even the harshest critic must admit that Mackenzie has been through a lot over the last couple years.

Mackenzie Mckee is Angry

The mother of three, for example, explained that she's still reeling from the loss of her mom, Angie, who passed away on December 9, 2019 after a nearly two-year battle with brain cancer.

Absolutely no one can fault her for feeling that way, of course.

Since her mom's death, the MTV personality has struggled with depression and previously even admitted she contemplated suicide.

Last month, McKee trashed producers for "cutting out a reunion scene" featuring her dad, Brad, talking about his wife's death.

Mackenzie and Angie In Glasses

"My daddy poured his heart out when filming the reunion and opened up about grief and depression from missing his wife," she Tweeted at the time, adding:

"It was beautiful but they left it all out and focused on something else. I wish you all could have seen."

Aside from the loss of her mom, with whom McKee was very close, there's also been the lingering issue of Mackenzie's marital strife.

Her husband, Josh, confessed about two years ago to having cheated on her.

Mackenzie McKee on Air

On more than one occasion, McKee said her relationship was over.

Heck, she even accused Josh of sleeping with her cousin (which she later recanted) and moved to Florida to get away from him.

Now, though?

The couple has not only gotten back together, but McKee has confessed to being a horrible spouse herself and to having cheated on Josh more often than he cheated on her.

Mackenzie McKee: Selfie with Kids!

Good for her? We guess?

As mentioned above, McKee can be a confusing young woman. 

She can also be a psychotic one, it seems. 

By her own admission.

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