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Mackenzie McKee may soon have something in common with compatriots Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham.

And it’s nothing do with questionable parenting decisions, plastic surgery or showing massive amounts of skin!

Clearly, many MTV viewers may take exception to some of the things McKee has done and said in recent times.

Mackenzie McKee on Air

Especially when it comes to her marriage, the Teen Mom’s critics have plenty of fodder.

But almost no one out there can find fault with her as a mother of her children.

Mackenzie seems very much dedicated to the well-being of her three kids.

Photo via Instagram

Evans and Abraham, however, were fired from the Teen Mom franchise.

The former, because Child Protective Services took her kids away for about a month last summer and executives finally realized they could no longer employ a woman who so endangered her children.

And the latter because she insisted on starring on adult web cam videos.

Mackenzie McKee Works Out

Why might McKee soon join these women on the unemployment line?

Because she said the following about Vice President Kamala Harris in January:

"It blows my mind that out of all the amazing colored women in this world, that is the one who is making history."

Photo via Instagram

Yes, she referred to Harris as a colored woman, dropping a term that’s widely considered a racial epithet.

Like we said, this happened back in January.

But Teen Mom OG episodes are filmed many months before they air, so many fans are just seeing this now.

McKee’s inappropriate use of this word was recently brought up on an installment, most notably because fellow cast member Chyenne Floyd found a major problem with what Mackenzie said.

On April 24, Mackenzie went on Instagram Live to try to “share the facts” with her followers on what really went down.

She said she attempted to smooth things over with Floyd several weeks ago, but wasn’t allowed to, somehow.

Mackenzie McKee to Followers

According to Mackenzie, the network intervened, telling her they wanted to help manage the situation, then dropped the ball.

MTV wanted to “train her” after she made her ignorant statement… or she would be at risk of losing her job.

However, she took offense to this because she says she just made a mistake; she has no actual issue with Black people.

Mackenzie McKee and 3 Cute Kids

"I do not stand for racism and Never have," said McKee over this past weekend, adding:

"I’ve learned so much and every one of us needs to open our eyes."

"I’m truly sorry for what I once said."

Photo via TikTok

In a since-deleted video, she concluded:

"I’m sorry for how I am about to be portrayed on this Tuesday’s episode… We need to get rid of racism and racial injustice, but I’m not racist.

"Cancel culture is too big, we’re canceling people left and right. But if [Cheyenne] wants to hate me, she can. I said something ignorant."

Mackenzie McKee: Selfie with Kids!

McKee also noted that she spoke to an attorney at some point since this scandal broke, and that she’s also been in constant contact with her manager.

She’s clearly afraid of being fired.

“If the show chooses to drop me, that’s that. They wanted to control the whole narrative," said McKee late last week on Instagram Live.

Mackenzie Mc Kee

To be clear, though, McKee has not been fired from the network that has featured her on three shows at this point.

Could she still get a pink slip? As producers will soon have months to ponder her future in between seasons?


Mackenzie McKee OG
Photo via MTV

But she’s doing all she can at the moment to remove the giant foot she stuck in her mouth in January.

McKee recently said:

“And white people. Please stop saying ‘we are not privileged’ because maybe some of us grew up with a hard life."

Mackenzie on Easter
Photo via Instagram

"We ARE privileged Because we don’t struggle because the color of our skin," she added.

"We all have to come together to agree on that. It’s facts."