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Last weekend, 90 Day: The Single Life ended its first season. It is only one of the latest of many spinoffs.

But the numbers are in, and millions of subscribers have signed up for Discovery Plus.

That means even more spinoffs are coming.

A brand new 90 Day Fiance series is premiering soon.

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90 Day: Caribbean Love is the latest offshoot of the franchise produced by Sharp Entertainment.

It will premiere on July 18.

The new series is coming to Discovery Plus, the streaming platform.

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The description of the new spinoff teases what the new show is all about.

“The tropics will provide the backdrop for relationships in various phases," the logline begins.

It goes on to list examples of the kinds of stories offered.

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The teaser lists: "from a couple who met online but will now meet for the first time."

It continues: "holiday flings that turned serious."

"And," it taunts, "even a one-night stand that turned into a pregnancy."

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"Will meeting in paradise work out once the suntan fades?” the show asks.

That is a good question, one that has been addressed on the series before.

It sounds like this show will be thematically appropriate for summer.

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It’s no surprise that they are rolling out with another spinoff.

There are currently more than a dozen spinoffs.

And the franchise only continues to grow in strength.

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TLC remains cable’s number one entertainment channel of 2021.

They are knocking it out of the park among women in the coveted 18-to-49 and 18-to-34 demographics.

In particular, the network is a ratings juggernaut on Sunday nights.

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The 90 Day Fiance franchise’s unwavering popularity has helped the network’s overall ratings.

TLC is the number 2 network on all of television.

It lags behind only CBS.

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Discovery Plus was a risk when it launched on January 4 of this year.

In just four months, the streaming platform has landed a whopping 13 million subscribers.

The platform intends to delve into scripted content in the near future.

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This is interesting news, because some 90 Day Fiance fans had wondered about the streaming platform.

Some had been downright outraged when it launched, seeing it as a moneygrab.

Others were, to be honest, just plain confused.

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Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have been around for years.

Newer services, like Disney Plus, Peacock, Paramount Plus, and HBO Max are more recent, but similar.

However, to some older and less tech-savvy individuals, it’s all a little confusing.

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Streaming services definitely generate a lot of revenue, but only make up a minority of overall viewership.

Their primary purpose — aside from making money — is to bring shows to people who don’t have cable.

Additionally, they add a lot of convenience, and become a vehicle for content that couldn’t exist otherwise.

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Some material that we have seen on 90 Day Bares All could not air on TLC.

Seeing Julia Trubkina go down on Brandon Gibbs in a car?

That’s not a moment made for television.

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Streaming also makes more money directly for shows, which can allow for higher budgets in some cases.

Also, these services do not have to worry about timeslots in the same way that networks do.

This means that shows are no longer directly competing against each other.

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Obviously, 13 million subscribers is just a fraction of subscribers to Netflix or Disney Plus.

But in just four months, that is a massive influx of viewers — and money — allowing the platform to flex its muscle and grow.

It also helps more people watch 90 Day Fiance — those who may have been interested but never had cable to watch it.