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As The Hollywood Gossip previously reported, Jessica Seewald has filed for divorce after two years of marriage.

According to multiple outlets, Jessa Duggar’s sister-in-law has chosen to end her marriage to Dwight Philip Lester.

This is a truly shocking development when one considers that the Seewalds are very much like the Duggars.

Which is to say: They are strict, conservative and religious – and, therefore, STRONGLY frown on the concept of divorce.

In their minds, a marriage is a lifelong commitment.

Anyone who gets married thinks of it this way, of course, but what we’re talking about here is a level beyond.

Seewald, Jessa and Ben

It is inescapable no matter what.

So, what could have possibly happened recently that prompted Seewald to take such an extraordinary step?

Grimly, we now know so much more about what drove Jessa’s sister-in-law to end what they see as a sacrement.

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In the divorce filing – obtained by The Sun – she listed her and her husband’s separation date as April 16, 2021.

Jessica also delved into the detaiils behind her decision to walk away from Dwight after just two years.

And they are extremely troubling, to say the very least.

Seewald is seeking a divorce on the grounds that Lester allegedly subjected her to “personal indignities."

Allegedely, these indignities were "destroying the legitimate ends of the marriage."

It reached a point "such that the Plaintiff can no longer reside with the Defendant as man and wife.”

Personal indignities in an Arkansas divorce filing could include many things, and what follows is somewhat speculative.

Among the possibilities, however?

That the “spouse consistently manifests such rudeness, hate, abuse, and neglect” towards his/her partner to make life “intolerable.”

Jessa on Thanksgiving

To be clear and fair, Jessica herself does NOT cite this specific behavior in her filing.

She is requesting that her maiden name, Seewald, be restored following the divorce.

This clearly implies that she wants nothing at all to do with her estranged husband.

Jess Seewald

But again, it’s worth noting that she doesn’t call out Dwight for any instances of specific abuse.

The couple has no children.

For his part, Dwight has not yet officially responded to his estranged wife’s divorce filing.

Jessica Seewald on TLC

As for where Jessica stands in relation to her famous sister-in-law? That’s a bit of an open question as well.

TLC viewers have seen their somewhat rocky relationship play out on television over the years.

For example, we witnessed Seewald trying on wedding dresses back in the day that Jessa found to be “a little low.”

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There was obvious tension when Jessica was looking at a gown that didn’t align with the Duggar way of modestly dressing.

At the time, Jessica could not help but comment on the matter.

I think we may have some slightly different convictions as far as what women should wear and what they shouldn’t wear.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Video Pic

As you likely know at this point, Duggar women are strongly discouraged from wearing pants, let alone low gowns.

Jessica clearly doesn’t abide by this guideline, however.

In fact, she often shows off her risque fashion choices on social media. Case in point:

Heck, Jessica even works as a police officer, which is a fact that surprised many people this week.

That also goes against all the Duggars believe in – since they don’t believe women should work.

At all.

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Seewald’s divorce filing comes just over a month after Josh Duggar was arrrested on horrific child pornography charges.

In the wake of this bombshell, numerous observers have continued to wonder why Anna Duggar hasn’t asked for her own divorce from her despicable husband.

Theories have circulated, but none of them are good.

Because she’s essentially been brainwashed by a dangerous cult and has no other choice?

Or because she legitimately, somehow thinks Josh is innocent of the charges he faces?

It seems to be a bit of both, but Anna hasn’t exactly given a tell-all interview on the matter.

We don’t know the answer.

We may never know the answer.

But the whole thing, regardless of what Anna does or doesn’t do, is just incredibly depressing.