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For disgraced former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans, her podcast dreams were short-lived.

Jenelle was fired from yet another gig because she married the only person alive worse than she is.

One of her erstwhile colleagues in the podcast was 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way alum Deavan Clegg.

Deavan has confessed that she didn’t know who Jenelle was, and that she was in tears when she looked her up.

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Jenelle Evans was previously going to be on Girl S**t.

The day after she enthusiastically announced that she would be part of it, she would be filed.

As chronicled by renown 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, Jenelle tried to crash the party for it.

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She even brought David along despite having been told not to go at all.

Jenelle later claimed that she "can’t be fired" because she is a producer.

As her story unraveled, she also claimed to be a victim of "cancel culture."

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Deavan cleared up things with her own fans, noting to everyone that Jenelle was not her producer or anyone else’s.

Jenelle claimed that she "hand-chose Deavan to join the cast."

All of this means that Deavan is once again forced to clear the air.

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“I told the owner I would not be involved in a project that is working with someone with these allegations," Deavan shared on Instagram.

She affirmed that Jenelle’s history, with and without David, is anatheme: "It’s everything I’m against."

Notably, Deavan is a survivor of domestic violence herself, and has previously spoken out against monstrous men like Geoffrey Paschel.

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“I want it to be made clear I do not support that kind of behavior," Deavan emphasized.

"And," she continued, "when I read and did my research I was in tears."

Deavan is not the only one who has cried for Nugget or for Jenelle’s children.

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“I do not support any type of child abuse– allegations or not– I will not and can not support that," Deavan affirmed.

"I want to apologize for being an idiot and not doing my research," she expressed.

"But I can assure you," Deavan promised her fans and followers, "I will not work with her.”

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“I’m truly saddened and disgusted and do not support what they have done in the past,” Deavan reiterated.

“And I honest to God don’t know anything about ‘Teen Mom’ girls’ drama," she shared. "I don’t keep up."

In some ways, Deavan is the envy of many of us. Jenelle and David’s wrongdoings live rent-free in our minds.

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"And I am saddened and dishearten by it," Deavan expressed.

"But," she noted, "it is being handled.”

“I understand and I read the CPS report and I was in tears," Deavan wrote elsewhere. “I don’t support it.”

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Deavan also spoke to The Sun in order to further clear things up after Jenelle’s claims.

“That’s not true… She was never a producer when I signed on," Deavan emphasized.

"She said she knew someone working on a big project and said ‘Jump on a Zoom call if you want to be involved,’" she recalled.

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“I went to the meeting and there were several other girls,” Deavan described.

She added: “She didn’t hire me and she was never my producer."

Deavan concluded: "There were several girls and me and Jenelle were just part of the cast like other girls.”

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Truth be told, it’s always good advice to give someone a quick google before tying your brand to theirs.

Like Deavan or dislike her (so, so many people love to dislike her but their reasons are often vague), she’s unquestionably the good guy in this story.

Jenelle chose to not be a good person a long, long time ago, and David is even worse. Who would want to work with them?