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We know, we know — you’ve heard this one before.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been dating since 2015, and rumors that the couple is secretly married or engaged have been circulating that entire time.

But this time, it seems that the Voice co-hosts have actually tied the knot.

In fact, they’re not really making much of an effort to hide it anymore!

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Announcement

The latest round of speculation began on Saturday, when Gwen seemed to share some big news with her Instagram followers.

The No Doubt singer posted a pic of herself at what appeared to be a bridal shower.

And in case that was too subtle, she captioned the photo “SHE’S GETTING MARRIIIEEEED.”

Photo via Instagram

Granted, Gwen didn’t specify who was getting married, but photos from this weekend should make the answer to that question abundantly clear.

The couple traveled to Oklahoma for a brief visit to Blake’s home state.

And when they returned, Gwen was sporting a massive rock on her finger!

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Engaged
Photo via Getty

In pics obtained by Page Six, Stefani and Shelton can be seen hanging out in a public park.

There’s nothing unusual about that, of course.

But paparazzi were able to zoom in and catch a closeup of Gwen’s left ringfinger, which is newly-bedazzled.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Kiss on IG
Photo via Instagram

Gwen and Blake got engaged back in October of 2020, and at the time, insiders indicated that the singers planned to get married as soon as possible.

But as you may have noticed, it was sort of a crazy year.

So Stefani and Shelton might have pushed back their ceremony because of the pandemic.

Blake with Gwen
Photo via Getty

But there might have been other reasons for the delay, as well.

Sources have claimed that Gwen and Blake held off on getting hitched for religious reasons.

Yes, it seems that Gwen was hoping to have her marriage to Gavin Rossdale annulled "so she can marry Blake and have it be recognized by the church."

Shelton and Stefani
Photo via instagram

"Gwen’s religion has always been extremely important to her," a source said at the time.

"And Blake is completely supportive of this."

Stefani and Rossdale were already divorced, but the annulment would have allowed Gwen to marry with a totally clean slate.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, Well Wishes
Photo via Instagram

Unfortunately, annulments can be tough to obtain, especially in cases of marriages that lasted for several years and produced children.

It’s unclear if Gwen ever got the annullment that she was looking for, but it seems very clear that she and Blake are officially man and wife.

We’re not sure what all the secrecy is about, but maybe the couple is planning to make an announcement on their own time.

Gwen Stefani in Black with Blake Shelton
Photo via Getty

Whatever the case, our sincere congrats go out to Mr. and Mrs. Shelton (we’re sure Gwen will be keeping her last name, but hey — it’s fun to say).

Though they’re both musicians, these two come from very different worlds, and when they first got together, it was widely assumed that their relationship would be nothing more than a brief fling.

But Gwen and Blake have been proving the haters wrong for six years now, and they’re living testaments to the fact that sometimes, opposites really do attract.