Grey's Anatomy Fans are Simply Irate Over That Finale Twist

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Look it this way, Grey's Anatomy viewers:

At least no fan favorite was killed off on Thursday night's Season 17 finale.

Instead, there was a wedding, a break-up and a rather significant time jump.

And yet... once the credits rolled and this unusual run of episodes came to an end, a handful of social media users were irate over at least one of these developments.

Teddy and Owen

After spending all the season to date mired in the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020, Grey's Anatomy skipped ahead eight months on the finale and featured events that took place in April 2021.

What did these events include?

Maggie and Winston finally having the wedding of their dreams, although Meredith and Teddy had to peace out a little early when lungs became available for a long-suffering COVID patient.

Elsewhere on the romantic front, Teddy and Owen got engaged... while Link proposed to Amelia. But he didn't get the response he had hoped for.

Grey's Anatomy Wedding

Amelia didn't answer him on air -- and the subsequent scene depicted Link arriving at Jo's new place, hoping for a place to crash.

And this is where the irritation comes in.

Teddy and Owen are seemingly getting a happy ending... having been on an unhealthy roller coaster, with each of them acting in annoying fashion, making other people and themselves miserable?

Conversely, Amelia strung Link along for nearly a year as he planned a proposal, pretending to want the same things he wants?

Why does she keep ending up with men who want different things than her?!?

Teddy and Owen Together

We weren't the only ones asking these questions about the episode aired.

"So Teddy & Owen got a happy ending but not Link & Amelia??" wrote one frustrated fan online.

annoyed GA fan

"MAN YALL BROKE MY MAN LINKS HEART AFTER HE PROPOSED WITH 4 RINGS AND ALL THE KIDS??!!! [middle finger emoji] HOW DARE YOU!" tweeted another angry viewer.

Another, meanwhile, addressed showrunnerr Krista Vernoff directly.

As you can see for yourself here:

GA proposal

On the plus side, we did at least witness Meredith thriving at home with her kids and at work after months of being in a coma.

She was back in her element, some might say.

One person in particular said exactly, in fact:

mer in her element

And on another plus side?

Grey's Anatomy is coming back for Season 18?

Will this be the show's curtain call? Will it be over for good in just about a year?

Our strong and educated is yes. Sorry, folks.

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