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Farrah Abraham makes it oh so easy to hate her on a frequent basis.

Or she at least makes it easy for followers to inflict harm on themselves via a constant barrage of eye-rolling over her totally insane, weird and inappropriate words and actions.

We mean… we made an entire slideshow out of Farrah Abraham’s most cringe-worthy moments.

But then there’s another side to Farrah.

Photo via Instagram

There’s a side that forces one to be sympathetic once one remembers exactly what this single mother has gone through.

Specifically, once you remember that her boyfriend, Derek Underwood, died.

He tragically passed away back when Farrah was pregnant with their daughter.

Farrah Abraham and Derek Underwood
Photo via Instagram

Such a trauma can not only stick with you forever, it can have a never-ending impact on one’s world view and/or psychology.

On December 28, 2008 Farrah’s former partner lost control of his car, skidded and flipped over on to a power pole.

Both Derek and his passenger at the time were killed as a result.

Farrah Abraham on Video in April 2021

Just two months later, Farrah gave birth to her first and thus far only child, Sophia.

Last month, meanwhile, Abraham shared a note on social media.

It was a message that Derek wrote to her way back in the day and posted on MySpace.

Photo via Instagram

In the message, which you can see below, Derek simply typed “I miss u.”

He wrote those words along with a small, heart hundreds of time — over and over and over.

And then over again.

“When I have a hard day, this note will forever give me love, cheer me up,” Farrah captioned the upload.

She shared it last week on her Instagram Story.

She added: “Forever and ever and ever and ever.”

Abraham, of course, has also garnered some backlash for the way she’s responded to this tragedy.

Just before Mother’s Day, for example, Farrah publicized a visit she took with Sophia to her dad’s grave.

In the process, she earned some ire for exploiting Derek’s passing.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham Match, Play Golf

In a video at the time, Farrah spoke about her former partner, telling observers:

“He was not only a gift to a mother at one time, but he is a reminder he gave me one of the biggest gifts of my lifetime.”

The former Teen Mom star described herself as a mother who has “lonely days, sad days,” on top of “frustrating” days.

Photo via Instagram

On the 12th anniversary of Derek’s death, Farrah also broke down in tears.

She cried as she dedicated footage to others who “may feel depressed,” adding:

“I hope you know you are strong.

Farrah Abraham at the Cemetery
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“It’s healthy to feel many emotions & even over many years, decades,” Farrah wrote.

She correctly noted that this is true “even with trauma therapy, anti-depressants.”

Farrah continued: “It’s normal to be sad especially around holidays, coldness, darkness possibly when the tragic event happened.”

Farrah Abraham Cries and Cries
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In February, Abraham admitted to having suicidal thoughts and to often feeling depressed.

“I just wanted to say, over the years, I’ve shared so much of my life,” Farrah stated.

The single mother has done so even “when I have been deeply depressed, suicidal, probably mentally ill because of it.”

“And there’s so much that I’ve learned about myself,” Farrah expressed.

She detailed that she has been on this journey of self-discovery “through my teens to my 20s.”

That is a perfect time for that.

Photo via Instagram

She continued as follows:

“I think, as there’s millions of people who go through suicidal thoughts, depression, it’s really hard.”

Farrah added: “It’s something that you sometimes need support for.”

What’s been helpful for her, Abraham confessed, has been going to therapy and “all these doctors” that she has around her to help guide her.

“It’s beautiful to take care of your mental health,” she added, in admirable and courageous fashion.

“It’s beautiful to understand that emotions are healthy.”