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Last month, reality TV villain Farrah Abraham threatened to run for public office.

It’s not just her appalling political views that has people alarmed at the prospect.

Farrah’s ability to think and comprehend complex ideas has been legitimately questioned for many years.

But Farrah claims that turning 30 has changed her … and that she doesn’t care if "haters" don’t vote for her.

Farrah Abraham for America

Farrah Abraham isn’t necessarily known for her enduring successes or follow-through.

But given political realities of the past half-decade or so, people are understandably worried.

Farrah’s threat to run for public office, possibly even for Senate, don’t look quite as absurd as they might have in 2014.

Farrah Abraham spoke to Fox News (of course) about her alarming ambitions.

"I do believe more mothers and women need to be in government positions," Farrah declared.

"And," she insisted, "I say that in a nice way and with no disrespect to other government officials."

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To hear Farrah tell it, she’s not just a shoe-in, she’s practically from a political dynasty.

"My aunt, my stepmom, they’ve all retired from government positions," Farrah said.

"I’ve seen them retire early because the environments were very depressive," she added.

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"I just feel like, ok, I’ve seen them work so hard, dedicate their whole lives but then they needed out," Farrah continued.

She then expressed: "It’s time for change."

Farrah then predicted that turning 30, as she did on May 31, will cause her to "turn into a whole other person."

Farrah Abraham Cries and Cries
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"I’ve seen a lot of bills submitted for change that were declined," Farray claimed vaguely.

She alleged that these were bills "that could have helped business owners and our community."

"I realize I have to be a certain age for things I feel I’m fit for," Farrah expressed.

Farrah Abraham Throwback

"Now, I say, where can I work that is really going to help?" Farrah claimed.

As for which office she hopes to condemn to her presence, she is weighing her options.

Right now, she’s thinking of representing her local district rather than running for mayor … but she hasn’t ruled out running for Senate.

Farrah Abraham With Expressive Hands
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"I am passionate about advocating for my community," Farrah insisted.

"I understand the government situations are pretty toxic right now," she added vaguely.

"But as far as I’m concerned, I’m used to death threats," Farrah added.

Farrah Abraham on Video in April 2021

"I am used to a toxic environment," Farrah continued.

Yes, she is perpetually in a toxic environment no matter where she goes.

"And I fight like no other person for rights within kids and women and creating safe environments," Farrah rambled.

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"I’ve gone through a lot but it’s helped me fight more for what is right," Farrah stated.

There are issues that are near and dear to her heart.

Farrah shared that she has been contemplating this run for at least two years.

Farrah's Face in 2021
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"I think entertainment should be more regulated," Farrah said.

She stated that this should be the case "just like tech companies should be more regulated."

Interestingly, one can agree with her statements and disagree with her meanings all at the same time.

Farrah Abraham Wears a Bikini In 2020
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"I don’t believe in power trips," Farrah said, likely referring to any company policies that she doens’t like.

"I believe in consent culture and I just want the best for people," Farrah alleged.

She’s still considering which office to pursue.

Farrah Abraham with Blonde Hair

"I’m studying all of this and seeing what is best fit for me," Farrah detailed.

"I’m shocked by how low some of the age limits are and what people can do," she expressed.

Farrah added: "I’m also shocked that there are not more young people running."

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Farrah said that her primary goal is "to empower the younger generations."

Despite having promoted politicians that do the opposite, Farrah claims that her focus is the rights of children and women.

"That’s what I sponsor. That’s what I give my money to right now," Farrah stated.

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Many cite the example of disgraced former president Donald Trump as precedent for an incoherent moron from reality TV winning office.

But it’s important to note that there is a long history of people who are both malicious and deeply stupid holding office.

Sarah Palin was Governor of Alaska. Andrew Jackson was President. Not a single brain cell or spark of morality between them.

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Farrah could follow their examples. We cannot rule out that people would vote for her.

Conspiracy theories, reactionary movements, and more don’t care if you can form a sentence or grasp a concept (clearly).

We would love to dance on the ashes of Farrah’s political career, but let’s not be premature.