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Well, it’s official.

After 11 seasons and more than five years on the air, TLC has finally, officially pulled the plug and canceled Counting On.

The news didn’t come as much of a shock, of course.

The network was expected to end the series in response to Josh Duggar’s arrest on child pornography charges.

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Many have already argued that TLC waited too long, and the hesitation seems to suggest that execs were uncertain about the move.

But the important thing is that the decision has been made, and the Duggars are officially done with reality television.

For real this time.

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Sure, last time this happened, the family quickly returned to television with a spinoff series.

Of course, the last time this happened, no one in the family was soon to be serving a 20-year prison sentence for receiving and distributing graphic images showing children as young as 18 months old.

Yes, that’s the severity of what Josh is accused of.

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In an age when celebrities have been canceled for far less, TLC can’t afford the risk of giving the Duggars yet another chance.

And they’re the ones that built the empire in the first place. The family is much too toxic for any other network to even consioder.

"The decision was made by TLC earlier this week to cancel the show," a source close to the situation told UK tabloid The Sun.

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"The family was told over the phone shortly after and it’s still very hush hush," the insider added.

"The petition from those who boycotted Counting On was hard to ignore."

"Sponsors were very concerned following Josh’s arrest."

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Obviously, it’s a little disturbing that executives at the network needed a fan-driven petition to shove them in that direction.

But at least they did the right thing in the end.

This is a major problem for Jim Bob and company, as reality TV has been the Duggars’ top source of revenue since 2008.

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The Duggars have a lot of mouths to feed and for more than a decade, TLC has been providing them with the resources to do so.

So how will the family of fundamentalists manage going forward?

Well, it won’t be easy, that much we can tell you for sure.

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It’s safe to assume that the rest of the family will share the responsibility for Josh’s wife and seven children, if and when he goes to prison.

That’s seven additional dependents, eight if you include Anna.

Jim Bob has several other revenue streams available, including a used car lot and a real estate business that specializes in flipping houses.

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As far as we know, all of his sons and sons-in-law who are employed – it’s a short list, and women aren’t allowed to work in the Duggars’ world – work in some form for one of Jim Biob’s businesses.

But the companies are successful largely because of the Duggars’ fame, and there’s no telling how those companies will be affected by this latest scandal.

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While we’re sure no one in the family would admit it, but they are likely in a state of denial right now.

The most likely scenario is that the Duggars are desperate to get back onto the television.

And it will probably be quite some time before they realize that’s never gonna happen.

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"There have been a lot of discussions in recent weeks as the network had already spent money on production after months of filming," says one insider.

"But the bottom line is, the network really wants to be on the right side of this scandal ahead of Josh’s trial."

"It was important for bosses to be seen to have taken action," the source continues.

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"The case has put the show in such a bad light," the insider says.

"Although it’s a shame for those who worked hard on it, and the money spent, there really is no way forward."

The Duggars pride themselves on their ultra-rural lifestyle, but they’re about to be put to the test like never before.

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If the men in the family are to secure jobs that will enable them to feed their many offspring?

Well, let’s just say they’ll likely be headed for greener pastures in the very near future.