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Days ago, disgraced former reality star Josh Duggar demanded a trial postponement.

His team is insisting on more time to examine the evidence for themselves.

Of course, the longer that this drags out, the longer the public has to look over the disgusting details of the case.

Those details include the harrowing contents of the file that Josh is accused of accessing.

Josh’s bond hearing took place in early May.

It was after that hearing that the judge determined the strict conditions of Josh’s home confinement.

He is not to access the internet, travel freely, or have any contact with minors except supervised interactions with his own children.

Josh Duggar Looks Happy
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It was at that hearing that a Homeland Security Investigations agent detailed the gut-wrenching horror involved in the case.

The agent described the photos and videos allegedly found on Josh’s device.

Among other things, Josh was accused of accessing a notorious file from the dark web.

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Please be warned: the following contains very upsetting details about the unthinkable abuse of young girls.

One video mentioned in the agent’s testimony was titled "Daisy’s Destruction."

The video in question depicts the rape of an 18-month-old toddler.

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The agent testified that the video was among the "Top Five worst of the worst" that he had ever encountered in his investigations.

The video was created by an Austalian man named Peter Scully, who is now in prison.

Scully has been labeled by international tabloids as the "world’s worst pedophile."

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That, of course, is a bit of a misnomer.

Any adult who preys upon or otherwise harms a child is automatically the worst that a person can be.

But while they’re all equally the worst, one can easily understand how this particular monster earned the title.

The Masked Devil

Peter Scully is serving a life sentence in the Philippines on charges of human trafficking and rape.

Before his incarceration, he created that and other videos of particularly sadistic child sexual abuse.

He would then share these videos, distributing them on anonymous, unindexed sites across what’s known as the "dark web."

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Scully was arrested in 2015.

At that time, Filipino and Australian authorities invited journalists for a grisly tour of the crime scene.

Matthew Carney, a correspondent for Australian Broadcasting Corporation, is still haunted to this day by what he witnessed.

Behind the Scenes
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Internationally traveled war correspondents are not easily shaken, but some evils stick with you.

“I’ve covered 25 years upon six and seeing the most horrendous things," Carney shared on a podcast.

"But what this man did to this 18-month-old child just beggars — it’s inexpressible,” he recalled.

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“I’m not a person to subscribe to simple notions of good and evil," Carney characterized.

"But if there is evil in this world, it is Peter Scully," he declared.

Carney continued: "And what he did to that 18-month-old baby in his video.”

Anna and Josh Duggar: Bible Launch Event in D.C.

“It was a very rural location," Carney described.

He explained: "The house was in a very — I wouldn’t say isolated area, but it was very rural."

"You wouldn’t know what’s going on. […] That’s obviously why the location was chosen," Carney stated.


"The neighbors were far off. It was a big house," Carney described.

"They converted the attic upstairs to their sort of dungeon basically," he recalled.

It was a place "where they would take their victims and there [were] a lot of them.”

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Carney did not witness the actual abuse, but unfortunately, the grim facts are known.

The 18-month-old was suspended upside down from a hook on the ceiling during her abuse.

According to authorities, Scully had planned to execute the victim in a follow-up video.

Joshua Duggar

Fortunately, Scully never got the chance.

The toddler was rescued before that could happen.

A life ruined is still better than a life taken.

Duggar, Josh

Unfortunately, not all of Scully’s victims were rescued in time.

Beneath the floorboards of a house, Scully allegedly buried an 11-year-old girl after raping and strangling her.

Scully’s videos all went onto the dark web, which is where prosecutors say that Josh accessed the unspeakable material.

Josh Duggar Photograph
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Josh Duggar has pleaded not guilty to the charges of possessing photos and video of the monstrous abuse of little girls.

According to various reports, his wife believes that he is being persecuted and possibly even framed.

It does not appear that this is a universal belief among the Duggars, however, particularly given Josh’s history.

Josh Duggar and Meredith Duggar

In June, Josh’s attorneys moved to postpone his trial — originally scheduled for July.

The new date that they are seeking is February 2022.

Reports this week indicate that the judge does not intend to grant this request.