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When Justin Duggar started courting Claire Spivey, he shared the news with fans on an episode of Counting On.

Though Justin was very young — just 17 at the time — nothing about the situation was especially unusual.

We might think it’s gross that parents are encouraging their teenage sons and daughters to get married (and it is), but that’s just the way things work in the Duggar clan.

As the relationship progressed, however, something very unexpected happened.

Claire Spivey and Justin

With the wedding date drawing closer, the couple began to take a much more secretive approach to the planning process.

It was the beginning of a new era for the Duggar family, one in which they would keep the details of their lives under wraps as much as possible.

Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges after Justin and Claire’s wedding, but the Duggars knew that it was coming, and they backed away from the media spotlight accordingly.

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey Engagement Photo

These days, the Duggars are guarding their privacy more closely than ever, which means that updates on Claire and Justin’s married life have been hard to come by.

But Duggar obsessives are still dissecting Claire and Justin’s every Instagram post in search of clues.

And this time, they might have discovered something big.

Claire Spivey Hiding a Baby Bump?

The above photo might not seem unusual at first glance.

But fans have become curious about why we’re only seeing Claire from the neck up in recent pics.

Claire’s mother, Hillary Spivey, posted the pic, along with a caption reading:

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey: A Photograph
Photo via Instagram

“Enjoyed meeting this pair for ice cream tonight!”

If this were any other family, perhaps the booze-free, wholesome activity would have been another indication of a bun in the oven.

But the Duggars don’t drink under any occasions, and we’re guessing the Spiveys don’t either.

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey and a Guest
Photo via Instagram

And if, for some reason, you’ve been watching Claire’s Instagram activity like a hawk, you might be aware that this is not the first clue that she’s pregnant.

Earlier this month, Claire commented on a photo of her sister-in-law Joy-Anna Duggar holding her baby.

"Such a precious photo!!" Claire wrote.

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey are Married

Before long, a commenter replied to Claire’s comment in a way that led many to believe that there’s a big announcement coming.

"Congratulations! I know it’s not officially announced but I hope you are feeling super good," the fan wrote.

In case that was too subtle for anyone, she added baby and clapping hands emojis.

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey: A Photo
Photo via Instagram

Soon, fans began to piggyback on that comment, and Joy-Anna’s comments section was overwhelmed with well-wishers congratulating Claire on her pregnancy.

"Claire’s pregnant," one fan wrote.

"Nobody is surprised," another snarkily added.

Claire Spivey and Justin Duggar Photograph
Photo via Instagram

Obviously, fans are taking some major leaps in logic here.

It’s slightly ridiculous, but it’s also worth remembering that the Duggars brought this level of scrutiny upon themselves.

After all, when you go from sharing every aspect of your lives on a reality TV show to being hyper-secretive in the wake of a scandal, it’s only natural that your fan base will remain curious.

And even though Justin and Claire never really took part in the Duggar media empire, they’re still caught up in its destruction.