Cardi B: Pregnant Again with Cheating Husband's Baby!

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And the award for Most Expecting Solo Artist Who Keeps Forgiving Her Adulterous Husband goes to...

... CARDI B!

The popular rapper earned just such a distinction on Sunday night at the 2021 BET Awards when she used the national stage to make an enormous announcement:

She's pregnant with baby #2!

Cardi B at Grammy Awards

The superstar dropped this bombshell while performing with her husband Offset and his group Migos.

After the trio finished "Straightenin," Cardi B joined the group for "Type S--."

Appearing on stage in a black bodysuit, a sheer panel in the abdomen exposed Cardi's burgeoning baby bump.

As you can see below, Cardi looks pretty far along in her pregnancy, too:

cardi preggers

Cardi and Off already parents to daughter Kulture Kiari, who turns 3 in July.

The latter is also dad to daughter Kalea and sons Kody and Jordan from previous relationships.

Minutes before hitting the stage, Cardi also took to social media to reveal her baby news.

"#2," the rapper simply captioned an Instagram post, tagging Offset in the process.

Cardi B Grammys Photo

Cardi -- who has not yet revealed her due date or the gender of her impending child -- played a similarly fun tune back in 2018.

The "Money" rapper dropped jaws across the nation at that time when she debuted her growing stomach during her Saturday Night Live performance, confirming to the world that she and Offset had gotten it on without protection earlier that same year.

"Thank you for all of your support," Offset wrote, following Cardi's SNL performance.

"We feel so blessed."

Offset and Cardi B, Still Togethere

Cardi and Offset got married in September 2017, but the former actually filed for divorce at one point after Offset was caught cheating.

This would become a common theme between the stars, as Offset often stepped out on his famous wife and allegedly even got a side piece pregnant last fall.

So, why did Cardi B take Offset back?

Over and over again, despite his wandering penis?

Cardi B and Offset Photograph

“I’m just a crazy bitch,” Cardi said in a video last October, confirming the divorce is off.

“One day I’m happy, the next day I want to beat him the fuck up," she added.

We’re just really typical, two young motherfuckers who got married early, that’s what we are.

"We’re not no different than y’all fucking dysfunctionnal-ass relationship. We are the same way."

Cardi B and Offset Together

As for talk that she's been emotionally abused? That she lets Offset walk all over her?

"Imma just give ya a apology because ya want me to apologize for living MY LIFE the way that ya live YOURS," Cardi previously clapped back.

"I'm sorry. I'm not perfect I don't want to be neither...

"Before I was a celeb I was crazy ass Cardi B. Same bitch ya saw on TV and on IG talkin s--t and doing crazy s--t."

It's Offset and Cardi B!

She concluded just a few months ago:

"Im still that a lil bit more calm now but still the same. I don't know why ya expect something different now. This ain't Disney."

But Cardi and Offset soon will be watching plenty of Disney with their two young kids!

Congrats all around!

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