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The entire Duggar world is consumed by the horrors of who and what Josh Duggar is.

No one in the family has been more outspoken about Josh’s evil deeds than Amy Duggar King, his cousin.

In many ways, she lives her life by an entirely different — and less oppressive — set of rules than Jim Bob’s brood.

That includes her wardrobe, allowing her to flaunt some all-too-rare Duggar cleavage.

Photo via Instagram

Amy Duggar took to her Instagram Stories to discuss a sensitive subject.

Some fans have been wondering when she might have a second child.

Amy answered their questions in a seasonally appropriate outfit.

Amy Duggar in a Sun Hat

Amy wore a wide-brimmed summer hat and a V-neck shirt while speaking to her fans and followers.

There, she shared that she is not pregnant, despite rumors to the contrary.

In fact, she added that she’s not looking to become pregnant again too soon.

Photo via Instagram

Amy observed that "pregnancy is hard on the body," which is of course very true.

She filmed herself removing a bit of dirt from her hat — one of the many hazards of being outdoors.

Amy noted that only recently has she recovered the energy to do her makeup and hair again.

Photo via Instagram

Amy very honestly expressed that she worried that this would not be the time for Baby #2.

She observed that it would be doing an "injustice" to her offspring to bring "another child" into the world right now.

Amy expressed an understanding that her life "needs to slow down."

Dillon King and Wife Amy Duggar

Amy is making reasonable reproductive decisions about her own life and actually thinking about what’s best for her children.

This is a totally alien concept to Jim Bob and Michelle, who think of children as their (well, Jim Bob’s) property.

They don’t think of what’s best for their kids any more or less than Jana thinks of what’s best for the plants that she grows in her garden.

Photo via Instagram

Amy’s mild cleavage wouldn’t get a second glance (well, maybe a quick double-take) or comment on most people.

She’s just a human woman wearing a blouse.

In the Duggar world, however, showing cleavage is an idea as foreign as, well, putting off having more kids in order to be a good parent.

Amy Duggar Video Pic

Amy’s cousins, particularly those still living under Jim Bob’s roof, could never wear a normal V-neck blouse like that.

Michelle Duggar has explained the "reasoning" that the Duggars, their church, and their cult employ.

According to their twisted, upside-down reasoning, Amy’s Instagram Story is "defrauding" her followers.

Amy Duggar and Son and Hubby

In the backwards, morally bankrupt world of toxic purity culture, women’s bodies are not their own.

But it’s more than just that they are the possessions of their fathers and eventually their husbands.

They are also blamed for the thoughts, words, and actions taken by men.

Amy Duggar with a Selfie
Photo via Instagram

In the eyes of the Duggars, a woman being attractive means that she is "defrauding" men.

Why? Because simply by existing and being visible, her body is on display, which might elicit lustful thoughts from men.

Since they also believe that these thoughts can only be consummated in marriage, they believe that showing even a leg or a shoulder is "defrauding."

Amy Duggar Bikini with Dillon King
Photo via Instagram

You or I or any reasonable person know that this is absurd and harmful.

Showing some skin is not a promise and often it’s not a deliberate provocation.

Whether a woman is on a naked jog down the street or just wearing shorts and a tank top, other people’s thoughts aren’t her business.

Photo via Instagram

This of course goes to the heart of the sinister beliefs to which (most of) the Duggar subscribe.

It’s the same reason that blame was placed upon Josh’s victims when he was a teenager.

Ultimately, they believe that women are objects to be used for a husband’s pleasure and breeding, and that men cannot control themselves.

Amy Duggar and Dillon King Celebrate International Women's Day 2020
Photo via Instagram

Fortunately, Amy’s "black sheep" status (a badge of honor in that crowd) means that she does not think this way.

She’s a devout Christian with a conservative lifestyle, she’s just not a cult member.

Yes, she might wear a blouse or anything else.