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Tori Roloff has given fans yet another way of interacting with her, while simultaneouslly giving fans another reason to wonder about both her financial present … and her financial future.

The long-time Little People, Big World star announced on Instagram this week that she’s joined Cameo.

The website allows users to pay any member a certain fee in exchange for a personalized message.

This message can be in honor of a birthday, an anniversary — or, really, any occasion at all.

Roloff Promo Pic

In Tori’s case, she’s decided to charge $50 for this service, describing herself in a very simple and straightforward manner on her Cameo biography.

It reads:

Just a mama sharing her life with the world. Reality TV personality Little People, Big World.

In her pre-recorded video on the platform, Roloff says:

"So excited to connect with some of you, chat, and maybe even send a special note to someone that you really care about. So, can’t wait to start this, and bring it on.”

Tori Roloff on Set

It looks as if Tori has thus far had one very happy customer who left a five-star review and wrote, "Great Cameo!"

We’d expect nothing less from the mother of two.

However, Roloff’s decision to join Cameo has prompted a few questions about her finances.

Is there a specific reason why she’s suddenly decided to make this move? Could it be related to the ongoing rumor that Tori and Zach are interested in buying their family farm?

Tori, Jackson, Lilah

Zach took his parents by surprise last year when he first broached this topic, seemingly because mother Amy figured that the property might end up in the hands of Zach’s twin, Jeremy, instead.

On this latest season of Little People, Big World, however, the subject has been brought up once again.

"When my mom moved off the farm, I put my hat in the ring to possibly buy her out on the north side," Zach told viewers, adding:

"We’ve tabled the discussion for now, though, because our long-term farm employee … decided to rent out the house for a few months."

Tori Roloff with Son, Daughter
Photo via Instagram

Matt Roloff, for his part, recently said he’s not looking to retire any time in the near future, but Tori’s presence on Cameo may still represent her way of helping raise funds to one day make this purchase.

She and Zach, after all, only make money from their TLC contracts.

Unlike Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, for example, they don’t host a podcast and have never authored any books.

Unlike her mother-in-law, Tori doesn’t have any sort of cooking business.

Pumpkin Season Time!!
Photo via Instagram

For this reason, it doesn’t seem wild to speculate about Tori’s motivation behind jumping into the Cameo world.

Relatedly, both Matt and Amy are also on this platform.

The former charges fans $75, while the latter will relay basically any message you want for $60.

As we keep thinking about the potential sale of Roloff Farms, we’ll keep you apprised of Tori and Zach’s plans, along with the plans of other family members.

Until then… it’s time to shell out $50 and hear directly from Tori!

We do love her a whole lot.