The Real Housewives of New Jersey: We ALL Hate Jennifer Aydin!

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Last week, Melissa Gorga tore into Jennifer Aydin in a scathing, shady Instagram post.

She didn't hold back, calling her "conniving" and "fake" and calling Jennifer out for her family drama.

Often, when a Real Housewife fires the first shots at a castmate, others will rally at the target's defense.

But that's not the case here. Apparently, everybody hates Jennifer.

Jennifer Aydin Gets Defensive

An inside source spoke to Hollywood Life about the current sentiments on the RHONJ cast.

“There’s a weird energy going on with the group," the insider shared.

The source specified that this weirdness exists "when it comes to Jen Aydin,”

Melissa Gorga, Dolores Catania, and Teresa Giudice at the Reunion

“The fighting at the reunion is 100 percent real," the insider confirmed.

You don't need for us to tell you how intense the Reunion has been.

Melissa accused Jennifer, both on stage and on Instagram, of throwing her own mother under the bus (metaphorically).

Jennifer Aydin is Dismissive

Jackie Goldschneider seemed to agree with Melissa.

Jennifer decided to retaliate (and deflect) by saying that her castmate needed to cut it out with the "phony" storylines.

But Jennifer didn't stop there.

Margaret Josephs Sits with Jackie Goldschneider

Jennifer fired off at Margaret Josephs with a claim that she was the source of the cheating rumor about Jackie's husband.

This wouldn't realistically get Teresa off of the hook for repeating it, but it would definitely get a reaction from Jackie.

However, her plan sort of blew up in her face.

Jennifer Aydin Receives a Proposal

“She’s become a big eye roll to the entire cast,” the source characterized.

“They don’t feel she, herself, is authentic," the insider explained.

"And," the source pointed out, "the only person siding with her is Teresa.”

Teresa Giudice Teases Fans

Of course, if Jennifer was hoping that having Teresa in her corner would tilt the scales, she has another thing coming.

it sounds like Teresa isn't being as supportive of Jennifer, at least in public, when it comes to the feud.

In fact, the insider described Teresa as basically "trying to stay out of it."

Jennifer Aydin Holds Her Box

If Jennifer was hoping to curry favor with Teresa by taking on the cast ... well, that's her choice.

But there is an alternative explanation.

Jennifer wasn't the center of this season's most explosive drama by any means.

Teresa Guidice Explains Her Motives to the Camera

You don't get to remain a Real Housewife just by being nice to everyone.

Yes, there are rare exceptions where someone remains on the show because they are so well-liked.

But in general, you need drama -- and Jennifer's parents squabbling isn't going to cut it.

Jennifer Aydin is Stunned by Teresa Giudice

Did she deliberately pick fights with multiple fellow Housewives to keep her name on people's lips.

Look at this this way -- we've written a couple of headlines about her, and Part 2 of the Reunion hasn't even aired yet.

So if Jennifer wanted a recognition boost and chose that over an easy friendship, that's not necessarily a dumb idea.

Melissa Gorga on Finale

However, the report says that Melissa is fatigued with Jennifer's bad vibes.

That, it says, is why she spoke up about her "conniving and fake" castmate.

And the others are all in her corner.

Teresa Giudice Gives a Gift to Jackie Goldschneider

“The cast feels Jennifer’s causing a lot of drama and starting trouble for no reason," the insider shared.

The source then allowed that it was no apparent reason "other than to create storylines."

However, Jennifer's job is seemingly intact -- she starts filming Season 12 with everyone else in June.

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