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Molly Roloff has not appeared as a series regular on Little People, Big World in many years.

She lives a quiet life in Spokane, Washington with her husband, Joel, who Molly married back in 2017.

The couple seems perfectly content away from the spotlight — and Molly seems to be on perfectly good terms with her parents and siblings.

Out of sight, mostly out of public mind, right?

Roloff Siblings


Except that Matt Roloff just said something undeniably interesting and mysterious about Molly that has fans of the aforementioned reality show talking.

And wondering.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff with Molly and Joel
Photo via Instagram

The long-time reality star sat down ast week with Alec Lace, host of the First Class Fatherhood podcast, to talk about a variety of topics.

Among the main subjects of discussion?

The tragic allegations made by Jacob Roloff in December, at which time the former reality star said he was molested by a TLC field producer.

During his podcast interview, Matt addressed this horrible situation for the first time.

Matt Roloff is Serious

“We as a family found out just two or three days before that Jacob sent out a text to the family, and it was hard. A heartbreaking revelation," Matt said on the podcast, adding:

"It caught us all by surprise, we had no idea and he explained that this had happened back in 2015.

"It was a single incident, it didn’t happen on the farm, it happened off the farm."

Matt Roloff on Season 22

Roloff earned a bit of backlash for how he phrased this response because some critics thought he was too focused on deflecting blame.

It just happened once, he insisted. And not on the farm!

However, those who only looked at this comment may have missed something else Matt Roloff said as part of his wide-ranging back-and-forth.

Related to the topic of Jacob’s alleged molestation, Matt made a reference to his daughter, Molly.

Matt Roloff with Jacob

“We had some other scares in the early days when everybody was young,” Matt explained.

“We were very protective. Particularly, we were worried about Molly becoming involved in something.

"When we did the show, we had a number of fans who were overzealous to get to various members of the family that they were fixated on.”

Wow, huh?

A Roloff Celebration
Photo via Instagram

This is the first time we’ve heard anything like this.

It’s been presumed for years that Molly simply quit Little People, Big World because she didn’t like all the fame and/or attention.

Which may still be the case, of course.

But her dad certainly seems to hint in that quote that there was some kind of stalking incident that also may have frightened Molly away.

Photo via Instagram

Molly, as mentioned above, gets along very well with her loved ones.

She even got married on Roloff Farms in 2017.

“We feel blessed to have been able to celebrate our marriage surrounded by so many people we love,” the then-newlyweds said in a statement.

In the years since, Molly has shown up on occasion in her mom or dad’s social media feeds any time she visits Oregon or Matt/Amy visit her iin Washington.

Happy Birthday to Us!
Photo via Instagram

“This girl! She was and is my best birthday present. Happy Happy 25th Birthday Molly girl!” the 54-year-old also wrote in September 2018 of Molly.

“I hope you have a wonderful fantastic blessed day – celebrating You.

"Love you forever and always!”

Molly has never trashed her family in any way, either, and never made any kind of reference to whatever incident Matt hinted at in this new podcast.

Amy Roloff Snaps Selfie with Molly Roloff and Chris Marek
Photo via Instagram

Jacob Roloff, on the flip side, has often been open about his issues with Little People, Big World and even with his parents and/or brothers at times.

“Producers have to try to get us to follow the talking points,” Jacob wrote on Instagram iin 2016 upon walking away from televisiion.

“For me, noticing how the agenda of the crew doesn’t work well with the health and happiness of our family is what made me decide quite a while ago that I would not be a part of it as soon as I was able."