Matt Roloff: When Did He Learn About His Son's Molestation?

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Matt Roloff is finally opening up.

About perhaps the worst thing that he and his loved ones ever had to go through.

The long-time TLC personality sat down last week with Alec Lace, host of the First Class Fatherhood podcast, to talk about a variety of subjects... including his youngest son's allegations of sexual abuse.

As you likely recall, Jacob Roloff stunned reality TV fans in December when he said a Little Peope, Big World producer touched him inappropriately.

Matt Roloff with Jacob

"As a child, after what I realize now was a long grooming process, I was molested by an executive field producer for Little People, Big World, Chris Cardamone," wrote Jacob at the time.

Roloff went on to say that he wouldn't be expounding on any details related to this encounter at any point.

However, he hopes that Cardamone -- who has never addressed this accusation in public -- is "never allowed around children again."

Jacob Roloff on Insta

Roloff left his family's reality show in 2016, stating at the time that he simply couldn't handle the scripted and phony nature of the program.

As for why he decided to make this molestation allegation known to the world late last year?

"I choose to disclose it now as it remains a traumatic memory that needs to be exorcized of any further power over my development," Jacob explained, adding that he didn't blame his siblings or parents for what transpired.

On the aforementioned podcast a few days ago, meanwhile, one of those parents discussed the incident in detail for the first time.

Jacob Roloff and His Wife, Isabel

“We, as a family, found out just two days -- two or three days -- before that [Instagram post],” Matt said on air.

“Jacob sent out a text to the family, a group text. And it was hard.

"It was a heartbreaking revelation. It caught us all by surprise.

"We had no idea.”

Matt Roloff is Serious

Matt also came under some fire for seemingly trying to shift blame for the awful encounter away from himself and his family members.

"It was a single incident. It didn’t happen on the farm,” Matt emphasized.

“it happened off the farm.

"It’s one of those things where you think you’ve graced your family and prepared your kids for things like that.”

Matt Roloff on Season 22

In the wake of these latter/defensive remarks, fans of Little People, Big World have slammed Matt for "glossing over" and "seeming to minimize" Jacob's experience, with one critic going off as follows:

'The Jacob thing'…. are you kidding me, Matt Roloff?… oh, and it only happened once.. and it wasn't on the farm… IT HAPPENED… and they are still working with that awful network!!!

Added another critic:

Matt's rationalized, minimized version is not factual. I hope Jacob finds the peace and support he needs/deserves.

jacob roloff statement1

It does, at least, appear as if Jacob has found that peace.

As you can see far above, he spent Easter Sunday with his dad last month -- and he told followers that he felt a sense of freedom after discussing the alleged molestation a few months ago.

“Freedom and strength of mind,” Jacob captioned a photo of himself back on December 18, adding:

“‘Birds sing after a storm; Why shouldn’t people feel so free to bask in whatever sunlight they have left?'”

Jacob Roloff and His BFF

Well said, Jacob.

We're so very proud of the way you handled such a devastating situation.

Be strong and keep being you, man.

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