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Despite some obvious benefits, in many ways, being on 90 Day Fiance adversely impacted Larissa Lima’s life.

Probably the biggest drawback to her reality TV fame is exposure to thousands of vicious haters.

Toxic losers with nothing better to do than send her harassment have now stooped lower than ever.

One fan threatened Larissa’s kids … and then escalated by trying to send her actual child porn.

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On Sunday, Larissa Lima posted a deeply upsetting but heartfelt message to her followers.

"I am forever grateful to my loyal fans from 90 day," she began.

Larissa added: "I was so happy to be a part of the family."

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"There is a large fringe of haters," Larissa noted.

She stated that these are individuals "that are so sick."

"And," Larissa expressed, "it has become unbearable."

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"I’m used to getting hundreds of ugly and threatening messages," Larissa acknowledged.

Grimly, she stated that "this is not new."

"But," Larissa added, "it has ramped up."

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"And," Larissa announced, "I have made a decision."

"In the past, I said that I was going to talk about my family on my YouTube," she recalled.

"The truth, gossips about all including my children," Larissa added.

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Now, Larissa revealed: "I am never going to discuss or expose anything about my family ever."

"A few days ago, a ‘forever fan’ sent me the message," she shared.

This monstrous troll threatened "that she was going to make sure my children see my premium content meant for adults only."

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"She said she wanted them hurt because I deserved it," Larissa shared.

This is when it got even worse.

Larrisa continued: "This same fan sent me photos of children being sexually exploited."

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"I was in such shock," Larissa expressed.

"And then," she continued, "I could not stop crying."

Larissa went on: "I could not see the screen of my phone well through the tears as I reported it."

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It is always the correct thing to do to report that kind of disgusting illegal content.

"How can a human being be so low to hurt the innocent?" Larissa openly asked.

"How sick, and how evil to do this," she remarked, "or to even think it."

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"This along with other incidents of the last three years with serial haters," Larissa continued.

All of this combined "has made my final decision."

Larissa has resolved "to keep my relationships, my entire family, especially my kids private."

Larissa Lima Wears Pink on YouTube

"I will not share anything more," Larissa announced.

She reasoned: "as messing with kids and family is complete unacceptable."

Larissa is right, and it’s her boundary to put into place as she chooses.

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"This account is no longer affiliated with 90 Day," Larissa reminded her followers.

"I do not have to explain my actions," she emphasized.

Larissa detailed that this applies to actions "whether the past or future anymore."

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"To the pathetic grown up women that constantly berate me for photos I post," Larissa addressed.

She added "or entering a Maxim Contest."

"I’m not trying to impress you," Larissa announced.

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"I do not care what you think," Larissa affirmed.

She added: "or that you unfollow me."

In fact, if you hate her, you should do yourself and Larissa a favor by unfollowing her now.

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"To lose 10k followers with a photo that is no more revealing than a day at the beach," Larissa wrote, "means I did something right."

She assured: "I’m not going to stop shooting content for you hateful prudent simpletons."

That sounds like a fair, accurate description of anyone getting bent out of shape by bikini photos.

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"My goal is to cleanse my IG from the narrow-minded and hateful," Larissa announced.

"I feel embarrassed for the haters," she admitted.

Larissa continued: "not for what I do."

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"Why am I even explaining myself?" Larissa then openly asked.

"I shouldn’t have to," she correctly noted.

"For those that lost any sense of humanity," Larissa concluded, "you expect roses when in return you throw rocks."

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Larissa received a lot of well-deserved encouragement, including from others who starred on 90 Day Fiance.

Erika Owens, a fan-favorite, affirmed that 90 Day Fiance and parts of the fandom can be a toxic experience.

Saying too much more could violate her NDA, but we all know that it’s more than just vicious trolls that make it hard for the stars.

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It is a horror that Larissa’s children were threatened. It is disgusting that she was sent such cruel material.

We’re glad that Larissa very correctly and immediately reported it, and hope that the perpetrator faces swift justice.

But we know that Larissa will never be able to forget that experience. That was the person’s intention.

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There is a lot to speculate about the psychology behind why people foam at the mouth with hatred over reality stars.

In reality, there are very few "good guys" and even fewer "bad guys" on reality television.

Most of them are just flawed human beings living their lives in a public manner.

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While there are a few 90 Day Fiance stars who have crossed the line by doing the unspeakable, Larissa isn’t one of them.

She just happens to have a larger-than-life personality. Hating Larissa like this makes no sense.

Deep down, people who are miserable know that if they can ruin a famous person’s day, they’ll feel a little more in control.

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In the meantime, we hope that Larissa gets herself a social media manager.

She can still post whatever she wants in her own words, but someone else needs to sort through her messages.

When trolls realize that their toxic BS no longer reaches her, the deluge will slow to a trickle.