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Some people suffer in silence, masking their dislike of others even when they are wronged.

That is not Larissa Lima’s style, especially when someone goes after her kids.

She is at war with former friends Jess Caroline and Carmen Nys.

Larissa has taken to social media to share her grievances … and drop some damning receipts.

Larissa Lima and Jess Caroline Selfie

At first, Larissa Lima and Jess Caroline bonded over their shared ex.

They had both been manipulated, lied to, and cheated on by the same man.

They were also both Brazilian models and 90 Day Fiance stars. They had a lot in common.

Photo via Instagram

Larissa was with Eric Nichols. Jess found, fell in love with, and married Brian Hanvey.

There was an incident in Vegas (we will explain below) that caused their friendship to sour.

But when Larissa and Jess had a falling out, it wasn’t a simple case of drifting apart.

Jess Caroline and Brian Hanvey
Photo via Instagram

A couple of months ago, Brian released a diss track … about Larissa.

Larissa is a very polarizing reality star and is no stranger to criticism, including those from ex-friends.

But what really struck a nerve was that the diss track mentioned Larissa’s children back in Brazil.

Jess Caroline unveils Brian Hanvey

Larissa is waging all-out war against Jess and against her other former friend, Carmen Nys.

She wishes that Jess wouldn’t involve or even mention Larissa’s children in her feud.

Larissa misses them but cannot currently visit them, as they are back in Brazil. It’s a very delicate subject.

Larissa also taunted Jess, saying that she had simply married the first guy she could.

According to Larissa, Jess is living in a sub-par apartment with "cockroaches."

It is unclear if she is claiming that Jess is a literal infestation victim or if Larissa is just super mad.

Larissa also shot down the claim that Jess was fired from her au pair job from dating Colt.

Instead, Larissa says that Jess was fired because the family for whom she was working didn’t want to be associated with 90 Day Fiance.

Larissa once again suggests that Jess rushed to get married in order to avoid deportation.

Larissa also accused Jess of having shared Colt’s nude photos and videos.

Jess had of course accused Colt of the same, and Larissa had echoed her revenge porn accusations.

Larissa said that it was hypocritical of Jess to allegedly do the same to Colt.

Larissa’s ex-friend Carmen Nys has appeared on 90 Day Fiance.

For months, Larissa lived with Carmen, who disapproved of her relationship with Eric.

Carmen was there for her when she needed her, Larissa got her on TV, and they had a fast friendship.

Larissa Lima and BFF Carmen
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Or so we thought.

Carmen ended up promoting Brian’s diss track of Larissa.

Furiously, Larissa is calling out Carmen, sharing that many things that Carmen did were not the actions of a friend.

Larissa (posting from a side account that she created to wage this wear) accused Carmen of sabotaging her.

Specifically, she claimed that Carmen threw Larissa’s binder of important immigration documents away.

That is horrifying if it is true. No amount of anger or anything else should drive someone to destroy another’s life.

When Carmen accused Larissa of lashing out just to stay relevant, Larissa fired back.

She said that Carmen is the one who uses her for fame and name recognition, not the other way around.

Larissa accused Carmen of rampant dishonesty and advised her to "stay in your lane."

Speaking to 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, Larissa and Nathalie (remember the girl Eric flirted with in Colorado?) spoke out.

There, it was explained that Larissa’s bad blood with Carmen and Jess truly was born when both seemed to ghost her after her surgery in Vegas.

She didn’t get the ride home from her friends that she hoped for, and it sounds like this caused her to reevaluate where things stood.

Photo via YouTube

Obviously, there is more to this than just some simple hurt feelings.

And Larissa, Jess, and Carmen are all known to have strong, arguably volatile moods and emotions, which is not helping things.

It’s sad, because so many fans would like to see these rifts mended — and possibly even friendships restored.

Unfortunately, on Thursday night, Larissa took to her Instagram Stories to share that she was visiting the local police.

We hesitate to even try to guess what this is about, but since she showed it, one wonders if she was threeatened or harassed.

We hope that everyone remains safe. No feud is worth criminal threats, let alone follow-through.