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Kelly Dodd’s atrocious behavior is legendary, but she somehow still has genuine fans.

These folks actually want to see her return to The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Officially, Bravo has not re-hired Kelly as far as anyone can tell — Kelly included.

But she says that she doesn’t care about the show or anything else … but also whines about "cancel culture."

Kelly Dodd Doesn't Really Apologize

“You’ll still be on RHOC?!! [Please] don’t leave the show!!! (Selfish of me lol),” an eager fan wrote to Kelly this week.

Kelly Dodd saw the Instagram comment and, as she does with many fans, responded.

“Thank you but I don’t know," Kelly wrote, "and don’t care!!”

Kelly Dodd Insta Photo

“You have to stay," insisted another follower.

That same comment continued: "[It] wouldn’t be the same without you!”

Kelly doesn’t necessarily disagree with that second part, only the first.

Kelly Dodd Gets Fancy

“Awe thank you," she replied to the fan.

"But I’m living my life with my beautiful husband and my daughter!!” Kelly wrote.

She added: “Life goes on… the show is not my life!”

Kelly Dodd Complains about Civil Rights Protests

Another fan was even more outspoken … and what they had to say was worse.

"Just finally watched reunion [part two]," the commenter wrote.

The follower then declared that Kelly is her "favorite housewife hands down."

Kelly Dodd Reunion Pic

The comment then took a malicious turn as it praised Kelly for saying awful things with her whole heart.

"Good for you for living and not being scared to speak your mind,” the commenter wrote.

Infamously, Kelly lied and spread misinformation about COVID-19 and mocked the pandemic death toll, and threw in some racism for good measure.

Kelly Dodd Yells, Because of Course She Does

“That was so nice…" Kelly replied to the commenter who appeared to share her toxic worldview.

"it’s really hard to do," she claimed.

Kelly then griped "especially when the cancel culture comes after you."

Kelly Dodd Offers a Desperate Apology

Another commenter asked about … real estate? Specifically, a Hamptons home.

Kelly and Rick had previously listed their east coast property for $1.39 million.

A fan was curious when they saw that the house was no longer listed but had not been sold.

Kelly Dodd Has a Huge New Rental

"Keeping the house!!" Kelly replied to the fan’s question.

"Took it off the market," she explained.

Kelly then claimed "we were just testing it." Okay.

Kelly Dodd Gets Vicious

It’s sort of jarring to see how much mystery there is about this upcoming season of RHOC.

For the past few years, contracts went out and filming began in January.

We are now at the end of May … it feels like there’s more than just COVID-19 causing a delay.

Kelly Dodd Brought a Little Gift

It may be that Bravo cannot make up their minds over what to do with the cast.

A massive shakeup, as has long been teased and reported, could give the show a fresh start.

Keep Gina, keep Shannon, maybe keep Emily, and then cast a bunch of new Housewives for a clean break.

Kelly Dodd Mocks Her Haters

On the other hand, this long-running series could lose a lot of fans if they are suddenly struggling to learn names again.

No one wants a repeat of that disastrous Season 15.

But it makes sense to take their time deciding where to go from there, and how best to improve the show.

Kelly Dodd Wears a Dangerously Unsafe Face Mask

We should make no mistake: part of the problem with Season 15 was just Kelly, and it was (mostly) not her on-screen behavior.

Kelly’s proud Covidiocy, her vile complaints about Black Lives Matter, earned a boycott for the show.

That boycott will likely continue if she remains part of the cast.

Kelly Dodd Doesn't Know What to Say

Some like to pretend that Kelly is being "persecuted" (lol) for her political views.

But this isn’t about being a POS at the voting booth.

Kelly crossed lines in terms of basic human decency. And she doesn’t even seem to be sorry. She sucks.