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These days, it seems like just about every single adult is on some sort of dating app.

Even celebrities are swiping left and right in search of the perfect match, and because they’re public figures, their situation is even more precarious.

In the past week, Ben Affleck and Matthew Perry have both been called out by dating app matches, and now, it looks like it’s not even safe out there for mid-tier reality stars.

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Yes, it seems that Kailyn Lowry is the latest celeb (pseudo-celeb?) to be victimized by dating app users.

On this week’s episode of her "Baby Mamas, No Drama" podcast, Kail opened up about her recent experiences involving Tindr and similar platforms.

And it seems that both Lowry and her co-host, Vee Torres, have been the victims of catfishing scams on these apps.

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"Wait, hold on, before I even read this story — I’m so sorry, I had to tell you, someone’s used my email and my name to sign up this weekend!" Vee began.

"Me too! I had 500 f–king messages, f–king emails, on Plenty of F–king Fish. F–k you. Do you hear me? F–k off! F–k off!" Kail interrupted.

To be fair, it’s probably not Plenty of Fish’s fault that this happened, but we suppose Kail’s outrage is understandable.

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"I was at the beach and I got this email," Torres continued.

"And I don’t even know the website, it’s called One Wish, and I was like, ‘Motherf–ker trying to get me killed!’" Vee joked.

"Mine was Plenty of Fish and I had 900 f–king emails or 500 f–king emails … motherf–kers," Kail ranted on.

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Unperturbed by interruptions, Vee continued with her tale of woe:

"I was like ‘I have to tell Kail this’ because I was on the phone for like half an hour just to get my s–t taken down because God forbid someone sees this and goes and tell Joe – like you f–ked up, I will f–king kill you," she said.

"That could ruin a marriage," Lowry observed.

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She makes a valid point.

While tales of celebs experiencing awkward encounters on dating apps are generally pretty funny, these random people who are putting them on blast or making fake profiles could cause major problems in these people’s lives.

Celebs are still human, after all.

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Vee is married to Kail’s ex Jo Torres and if word got out that she had created an account on a dating site, it would probably have a major impact on her relationship.

Lowry is rumored to be back with Chris Lopez (though it’s never easy to tell with those two), and we imagine he wouldn’t be too thrilled if he learned that she was trawling on Plenty of Fish.

"I don’t know if it was a jab at me or someone using me as a catfish, but if it was someone using us as a catfish, they wouldn’t want the emails to go to us," Lowry speculated.

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"They would want the emails to go to them while using our pictures, so it was truly a jab at us. But for what? Other than clogging my email, I don’t give a f–k."

We may never find out what these scammers had in mind when they signed Kail and Vee up for these dating sites.

But one thing is for sure — it’s not safe to be celeb in the world of online dating!