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Remember about a year ago, when everyone thought the pandemic would last for a few weeks, and social-distancing seemed like a funny footnote that we’d all look back on and laugh?

Around that same time, a docuseries called Tiger King became a surprise mega-hit for Netflix.

Were those two developments related in any way?

Yes, but only in the sense that people would’ve called you crazy if you said that they’d both still be a thing in May of 2021.

Joe Exotic Mugshot
Photo via Instagram

These days, Joe Exotic is still in prison, his hopes for a presidential pardon dashed by the election of a president who was never a reality TV star.

Meanwhile, the other unlikely stars of Tiger King have moved on to bigger and better things.

Carole Baskin competed on Dancing With the Stars, but was eliminated when it became clear that all of her routines would be annoyingly cat-related.

Photo via ABC

Dillon Passage divorced Exotic and is presumably looking forward to a life in which he’s not wedded to an imprisoned animal abuser and attempted murderer.

And then there’s John Finlay, who is tied for the title of Joe’s third husband.

(Mr. Exotic married Finlay and Travis Michael Maldonado in a three-way ceremony in 2014. So we guess whoever said "I do" first is technically husband number three.)

Photo via YouTube

Finlay was already one of the all-time glow-up champions, having gotten his teeth fixed shortly after appearing in Tiger King.

Now, it seems he’s managed to turn his life around in non-dental ways, as well.

Earlier this week, Finlay got married to Stormey Sanders, a woman who, despite her name, does not appear to be an adult film star.

John Finlay on Tiger King
Photo via Instagram

"My wedding was the happiest day of my life," Finlay recently told UK tabloid The Sun.

“It kept being delayed because of the pandemic, so in the end, we said ‘screw it’ and went to the courthouse. I didn’t want cameras there because it was only for us," he added.

John went on to say that while his relationship with Exotic might always be his most high-profile, his heart truly belongs to Stormey.

John Finlay With Teeth

“I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. I had no idea what it is like to marry your rock, your soulmate, the person you spend every minute of the day with," he continued.

“Stormey completes me and we are deeply in love.”

As for his marriage to Joe, John says there was no reason to get a divorce, as the ceremony so memorably depicted on Tiger King was not legal.

Photo via Instagram

We probably could’ve guessed that from the fact that three people were getting hitched, which isn’t legal anywhere in the US, but it’s good to hear Finlay confirm that.

As for the man who started the entire Tiger King saga — the man without whom there would ne Tiger King Extended Universe — well, it’s not looking so good.

Joe was sentenced to 22 years in 2017, and he won’t be eligible for parole until 2037.

So yes, your racist grandpa is not alone in hoping that Trump will somehow recapture the White House in 2024.