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If you keep up with the comings and goings of Jenelle Evans, then you probably know that she and her mom, good ol’ Barbara, are not on good terms right now.

Like, at all.

Jenelle on Her TikTok

Their current situation is a little complicated, but essentially it’s a new chapter in the seemingly never-ending custody battle over Jace.

Barbara has had custody of the boy, Jenelle’s first child, since he was an infant, and a few years ago they agreed that she’d have permanent custody, with Jenelle having a set visitation schedule.

But late last year, Jace’s behavior took a turn for the worse — Jenelle has claimed that there was an incident where he assaulted Barb and "burned the carpet."

After that, she’s said that her mother brought him to her house, where he stayed for about a month — that’s when she announced that she’d finally gotten custody of him and that he was with her full-time.

Barbara didn’t seem to appreciate that too much, because she made a statement of her own to say that Jenelle was lying, and she took Jace back soon after.

So right now, Jenelle is trying to legally get custody of her son once again, and sometime later this year a judge will hear her case.

Until that happens, we imagine things are going to continue to be extremely tense between her and Barb — tense enough for her to cry on TikTok about it!

On Sunday evening, she shared a special Mother’s Day video with her followers in which she was lying in bed and listening to an extra melancholy version of that song "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Jenelle Evans in Weird Hat

You know, just to set the mood.

She revealed that she’d sent a "Happy Mother’s Day" text to her mom, but that she hadn’t responded.

"Yeah, my feelings are pretty hurt," she admitted. "I don’t know, that’s all I wanted to say."

She did add that she had "a good day with the kids," and "that’s all that matters."

Jenelle Wears a Mask

The video ended with a close-up of her crying.

If that wasn’t enough — to be clear, it was — she also took to the comments to vent more of her frustration.

Someone told her that Barbara is probably just upset with her because she wants her to leave David again, to which Jenelle responded "Maybe she hates anyone I give attention to other than her."

Another follower decided to bring up the first season of Teen Mom 2, back when she was too busy partying to take care of baby Jace and her mother had to step in to pick up the slack.

Barbara and Jenelle Evans

"Maybe it was all edited that way to make a show," she argued. "MAYBE JUST MAYBE my mom wouldn’t let me be a parent to my son."

To those accusing her of playing the victim, she insisted "I’m not ‘playing victim’ … I want my mom to show me SHE’S MY MOM."

Perhaps the best reply came when someone wrote "Jenelle, she raised Jace. Like come on."

Jenelle hit back with "My mom’s a bitch, peridot."

Jenelle Evans Video Still

That feeling when you’re trying to use popular slang and say "periodt" but end up randomly naming a gemstone, haven’t we all been there?

So based on all of this, Jenelle’s story is that Barbara stole Jace from her when he was a baby and they can’t get along now because she’s just a great big bitch that’s jealous of her own daughter’s husband.

Does that make any sense to anyone?