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Fans have been wondering if Anna Duggar will finally divorce Josh Duggar.

He has been a monster for a long time, but surely his latest arrest will be the final straw … right?

If you ask people who have survived miserable cult experiences, they have their doubts that Anna will escape.

In her mind, even if she finally accepted what Josh really is, ending her marriage would feel like betraying her God.

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Just a couple of weeks ago, Josh Duggar was arrested by law enforcement.

He is charged with downloading child porn, the victims of which were little girls between the ages of 5 and 10.

The world is disgusted, but not shocked, given Josh’s history when it comes to helpless young girls.

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Anna Duggar, on the other hand, is said to be standing by him.

At one point, she uploaded a new photo of Josh, seemingly in solidarity with her vile husband.

There are even reports that she is feuding with Josh’s extended family because they are at least considering that he may be guilty.

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It was reported that Anna blames Jim Bob and Michelle for all of the wrong reasons.

She has allegedly placed the blame on President Joe Biden, as if this prosecution is designed to frame Josh.

Even if the investigation hadn’t begun in 2019 (nearly two years before Biden’s Inauguration), it is very unlikely that the President even knows who Josh is.

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Anna seems wholly convinced that Josh is the victim of a broad conspiracy.

Fans hope that, when evidence is presented at trial, and ideally if Josh is convicted, this will change.

Will she finally divorce Josh and stop destroying herself to produce his endless brood?

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A woman who was once wrapped up in the twisted world of Quiverfull fundamentalism has grim hopes for Anna.

A blogger named Vyckie Garrison had a different story than Anna, as covered by Salon.

But she joined the Quiverfull cult, which aligns closely with the extremes of Duggar beliefs.

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Anna was born into the societal fringes of fundamentalism.

Vyckie found herself there when an anti-abortion group masquerading as a pregnancy center preyed upon her.

It was her first pregnancy, and she thought that hardcore Christianity could give her a guide to motherhood.

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Vyckie was quickly drawn into a world that opposed non-marital sex, LGBTQ+ rights, divorce and abortion.

Instead, what was promoted was "the value of children."

Additionally, she was taught to believe in "the permanence of marriage."

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Though Vyckie and Anna entered that world in different ways, they had a lot in common.

Vyckie had seven children under the belief that this was her sacred duty.

Anna, of course, is pregnant with her seventh child.

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"There was a lot of talk of women being submissive and anti-birth control or, as we put it, ‘radically pro-life,’" Vyckie reflected.

"I had health complications that made [getting pregnant] a life-threatening condition," she acknowledged.

"But," she shared, "it’s really pushed on the moms that you should be like Jesus and you are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes."

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"The women would tell me, ‘Missionaries risk their lives every day and they do it because it’s their calling,’" Vyckie explained.

She was told: "’When they get to heaven, they’ll get their martyr’s crown.’"

Vyckie summarized: "There’s a huge martyr’s mentality."

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As her husband become more controlling and verbally abusive and as her body struggled with the toll of the pregnancies, she kept that in mind.

"But I had that martyr’s mentality; I was going to do everything to ensure this home for my kids," Vyckie explained.

"But I looked at my kids and they were not thriving," she admitted.

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Vyckie got away, first fleeing after a relative who reached out to her helped her to realize her predicament.

She got custody of her children and was able to take them out of that life.

Vyckie is now safe and totally removed from that world, but it gives her a rare perspective on Anna’s plight.

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"The situation she is in is just impossible," Vyckie remarked of Anna.

"The only way she can save herself and her children," she explained.

Vyckie stated: "She would just have to give up her idea of her faith."

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Anna has lived her whole life within this cult, and has no normal relatives to gently guide her to freedom.

Their entire community is designed to suppress individual thought, let alone a crisis of faith.

Even if Anna realizes that Josh isn’t the man he pretended to be, she might remain his faithful wife until death does them part.