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Former 19 Kids & Counting star Josh Duggar was arrested for heinous crimes and has been released on bond.

For many, the stringent restrictions of his conditional (and perhaps short-lived) release aren’t good enough.

Nor will they ever will be.

Josh’s own aunt, Deanna Duggar, seems to be among those who believe he’s going to get what’s coming to him.

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In this world or the next.

She took to social media this week to share what she feels should be done to those who harm "little ones."

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin," begins the quote that Deanna shared to Instagram.

"It would be better for him if a great millstone were put around his neck and he were thrown into the sea,” the quote continues.

For anyone unfamiliar, that is a bible quote — specifically, it is Mark 9:42.

"This is what my bible says!" Deanna captioned the quote, making it clear that it’s not original to her.

She also elaborated on these strident beliefs, writing: “God says the ‘Little ones’ are so precious to Him!!"

And when a commenter suggested crowdfunding to get Deanna out of her NDA, she clearly liked the idea.

Deanna’s daughter, Amy King, is the famous Duggar cousin, and a known critic of her famous family along many lines.

Amy replied to Deanna’s caption with: "AMEN."

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And that was not the end of the commentary either. To those thinking she might be too harsh on her nephew, well?

“Hey I am just quoting what the Bible says!" Deanna continued in another comment.

"God Almighty says this is very, very serious!!!" she wrote.

"No, I don’t want anyone to die!" Deanna clarified.

"But I do want the Truth to be revealed!!!!"

In case you were buried alive over a week ago and only now escaped an elaborate underground labyrinth and this is the first thing that you’re reading …

… This is very clearly about just one thing.

Josh Duggar was arrested and charged with possessing child porn depicting the sexual abuse of minor girls.

Court testimony say that the girls in the photo and video material in Josh’s possession were between the ages of 5-10.

One of the files in his alleged possession depicted two little girls being preyed upon by an adult man.

Amy and Deanna Duggar
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By downloading child pornography, one preserves footage of children’s lives being ruined and encourages that more be made.

Deanna is being particularly outspoken instead of sharing Jim Bob-approved statements.

She may have "clarified" that she’s not personally calling for her monstrous nephew’s death.

Anna and Josh Duggar Throwback

But she is clearly sharing a bible verse with that expresses her anger on the subject.

Not to nitpick, especially as someone looking at it academically versus an actual adherent like Deanna …

… But most would say that Mark: 9:42 has nothing to do with actual crimes against children.

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The most popular interpretation is that it refers to damnation for those who lead Christians away from Christianity.

One could of course argue that by being a famous Christian who is also a sexual predator, Josh has done just that.

If his family’s intentions with fame were to make their extreme beliefs and their cult more palatable, they have failed.

Jim Bob Duggar Speaks and Michelle Duggar Listens
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Josh is a monster.

All of us can agree on this and the fact that this is not good for the family brand or for the faith that they espouse.

But one could easily say the same of Jim Bob or any other prominent fundamentalist, if we’re being honest.

Josh Duggar Parties

Extremist beliefs presented as "the only way" to be adherents can turn others off on a religion entirely.

But Deanna’s personal interpretation was clear.

Deanna shared the passage to show her contempt and condemnation of those who would defile children.

Josh is a disgrace, not just among his family and cult.

Amy Duggar, Mother
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Monstrous predators are an affront to all that is good in the world, and sadly, it appears Josh is one of those.

Deanna was sure to clarify that she’s not calling for his execution, but her feelings are still abundantly clear.

He must pay a steep price if he is indeed guilty.

Gender Question
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For their part, most of the Duggar clan is still abiding by Jim Bob’s edicts. or at least trying to toe that line.

Whether that’s how they truly feel, only they know.

You have to wonder, however, how Jim Bob and Michelle sleep at night, having enabled so much of this.

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Only time will tell if Josh’s family will once again be forced to offer him "forgiveness" and "grace."