Jill Duggar Celebrates Freedom, Milestone Amid Family Scandal

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Jill Duggar was finallly given a reason to celebrate this week.

Heck, Jill Duggar was finally given a reason to exhale.

The former reality star, who has been faced with non-stop questions about her brother's arrest over the past several days, was able to get away from it all over this past weekend in order to mark a special milestone:

Her 30th birthday!

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Celebrate

To commemorate the occasion, the Jill, husband Derrick and their two sons visited the Buffalo National River in Arkansas, according to Jill.

"No cell service and wifi are nice sometimes," she captioned her Instagram post on Sunday, which featured the photo above and those below.

"It was so nice to get away in nature together on Derick's break this week!"

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard and Two Sons

"We hiked, swam, camped, s'mores'ed, saw lots of critters and even some elk, explored and just chilled ...

"... as much as you can chill with 2 active kids begging for attention."

Late last month, of course, Josh Duggar was arrested on two counts of child pornography.

Jill Duggar Is Wearing a Swimsuit

He's accused of having downloaded material - over 200 photos and videos, authorities report - of children as young as five years old, some engaged in explicit sex acts.

Josh is scheduled to go on trial July 6.

It's a truly horrifying scandal.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard at a Meal

For her part, Jill confirmed many months ago that she is estranged from her famous family members.

But she and Derick still commented on her sibling's alleged actions, releasing a short and simple statement on April 30.

"We just found out this information yesterday," it read.

"It is very sad."

Jill Duggar Models Poolside

On Monday, however, Duggar focused solely on her beloved immediate family.

"So thankful for the amazing family time and fun birthday celebrations the past few days. I think I learned well from my little bro @siandlaurenduggar how to milk a birthday," she wrote on Instagram.

Derick, meanwhile, also paid tribute to his wife.

Jill and Derick in the Snow

He did so by citing all the years they've been managed, admitting their journey hadn't always been a smooth one.

"Happy 30th birthday to my beautiful bride, @jillmdillard," Deriick wrote.

"These past 7 years have been extremely trying."

Derick Dillard on Xmas

"But navigating life with my best friend has not only made it more bearable but also exciting and adventurous.

"Your Christ-like attitude continues to inspire and challenge me to be more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Concluded Dillard, who has never cheated on his spouse with a random woman he met over the Internet:

Jill Duggar Models Poolside

"You are an amazing wife and mother."

"Thank you for who you are and all the sacrifices you constantly make for our family!"

"I love you, and I know our boys love you too!"

Derick Dillard Smiles at Husband

Jill scarcely talks to her parents these days.

But she does often talk about Jim Bob and Michelle, rarely these days in a positive light.

For example, Jill recentlly opened up about her stunning (from the point of view of her family's controversial values) decision to go on birth control.

Jill Duggar Gardens

In doing so, the mother of two basically confessed that her mom and dad pressure all Duggar women and female significant others to keep cranking out kids -- at any cost.

"Growing up, it was ingrained in me that if you don't have as many kids as you're able to, that there's something wrong with that," Jill told People Magazine.

Thankfully, as Jill grew older and learned more on her own -- and went through a challenging labor and delivery, as well -- she said there became a "shift" in her thinking.

Jill Duggar with a Smirk

"I felt like it wasn't wrong if you decide as a couple that it's best for you to wait" to expand your family, if you choose to do so at all, she explained.

Jill and Derick, who got married in 2014, share sons Israel David, 5, and Samuel Scott, 3.

Duggar continues to scoff at so-called family traditions, too.

Jill Duggar Does Some Modeling

She drinks alcohol. She wears pants on occasion.

And she also sizzles in outfits such as THIS.

We'd like to take this occasion to wish Jill Duggar a very happy birthday, and to praise her for breaking free from her controlling, demanding and outright evil parents.

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