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Well, by now, you’ve almost certainly caught wind of the most unexpected celebrity reconciliation in recent memory.

Yes, it’s looking more and more like Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are actually dating and not just engaging in some guilty pleasure ex sex.

The news has received a positive response from both nostalgia enthusiasts and folks who like the idea of wildly attractive people sleeping together.

But not everyone is thrilled with the dawn of the Bennifer 2.0 era.

A-Rod, J-Lo, B-Aff

And one guy in particular is really not a fan of the hottest renewed romance in Hollywood.

We’re talking, of course, about Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez and Lopez just ended their engagement March, so A-Rod probably wasn’t expecting to have to cope with news of Jen moving on quite this soon.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Throwback

And according to a new report from In Touch, the baseball legend is “really heartbroken about" the situation.

“There’s a lot of excitement for the return of Bennifer but not everyone’s rejoicing about the rekindled romance,” a source tells the tabloid.

“Alex may not be in the best position to judge, but he doesn’t think Jen is making a good decision. He thought the stories of Jen being back with Ben were fake news.” 

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in 2018
Photo via Getty

In fairness to Alex, pretty much everyone thought the rumors were bogus at first!

But now, it seems that A-Rod has moved on from the denial stage and is now playing the old "I just want what’s best for my ex" card.

“Jen getting back with Ben, after all these years, and with all the heartache she went through, is the last thing Alex expected,” the insider says.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in 2003

Of course, Rodriguez’s real issue isn’t that Jen is dating Ben (even though he is a Red Sox fan), but that she’s dating anyone who’s not A-Rod.

“[Alex] was holding out hope that Jen would take him back,” the source tells In Touch. 

“But, according to some of Jen’s friends, that ship has sailed. She tried to reconcile with Alex, and she just couldn’t make it work. She’s not looking back; Alex is definitely in her rearview mirror.”

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Throwback
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We recently learned that Lopez may have started hooking up with Affleck while she was still with Rodriguez.

At the very least, while Jen and Alex were in the Dominican Republic working on their relationship, Lopez was low-key communicating with Affleck via email.

Those reports must have felt like salt in the wound for poor A-Rod.

Alex Rodriguez with J. Lo
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But insiders say Ben and Jen are on cloud nine, and while they’re aware that critics might deride them for their insensitivity to their recent exes, these two simply can’t conceal their happiness.

“There’s no doubt that Jen and Ben have something special between them,” says the insider.

“She knows what this looks like, and that the whole world is watching, but she doesn’t care, she wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t real. Jen is doing what she always does when it comes to relationships — she’s following her heart.”

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So yeah, Jen was engaged to Alex a couple months ago, but now she’s with Ben.

It’s a tough situation for A-Rod, but as they say, all is fair in love and war.

Besides, it’s not like Alex has ever been one for playing by the rules, anyway!