Sister Wives Insider: No One Likes Meri! She's Moody and Stubborn and Awful!

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This not exactly just in:

Kody Brown isn't a huge fan of his first spouse, Meri.

The father of 18 and Sister Wives patriarch recently admitted on air that he's no longer intimate with Meri -- and really doesn't care to be ever again, either.

The following is a bit newsworthy, however, and also quite relevant to this ongoing mess of a situation:

Meri Brown in a Dark Place

According to Kendra Pollard-Parra, Kody isn't the only Brown family member who isn't tight with Meri.

“No one’s close to Meri," Kendra tells Us Weekly.

Adds the allegedly good pal of the Browns:

"The only reason that you guys are seeing Meri is because she’s on a TV contract."

Meri Photograph

To be clear, we don't think Kendra is saying Meri is greedy and has only stuck around to make money off the show.

We think Kendra is saying the reality star is contractually obligated to appear on TLC.

"Meri has been out of the picture. Nobody is close to Meri. Meri has her own world, her own circle of friends," adds Pollard-Parra.

This shouldn't come as a shock to any Sisterr Wives fan who has been paying attention.

Meri Brown in Nature

Meri rarely shares photos with the other spouses and does often talk on Instagram about going off on her own journey... or focusing on her own path... or continually relying on herself and herself only.

Her marriage to Kody is also very clearly in shambles.

"She doesn’t even live by that, I would call it, the moral code anymore of her faith," Kendra says of Meri.

"She’s very open and honest about it. She doesn’t hide it. There’s no secrets out there. She doesn’t care. She’s an open book.”

Meri Brown Sister Wives

Despite Meri’s separate existence from Kody, along the rest of the family members, she remains optimistic about reconnecting with her husband. Someday. Somehow.

“The only thing she’s still hanging on [to] is the fact that she loves Kody and they may, at some point, have something they don’t,” Kendra alleges.

“That is long dead, and yes, she created that for herself.”

Meri Brown in the Snow

Kendra is especially close to Robyn.

She said straight-up in this interview that Meri has no contact with her huband.

“They don’t see each other anymore. They only see each other for, like, basically filming purposes or, I mean, maybe a holiday. I’m saying maybe because it’s not even a thing.

"Over the past year, definitely not even 100 percent because of COVID.

"There’s no relationship at all. He does not trust her. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her.”

Meri Brown with a Selfie

Meri confessed during a February episode of Sister Wives that she thought her marriage to Kody was “dead” and “over.”

She later said these remarks were taken out of context, however.

Kendra, however, has no sympathy for Meri at all.

She very obviously is not a fan.

Meri Brown at 50

“I’ve witnessed her behavior in person. I’ve witnessed her moodiness and hatefulness and, like, jealousy — like, deep-rooted jealousy. And she has no accountability for that,” she told Us.

“She instead allows herself to be put on a pedestal...

"Everyone thinks poor Meri, poor Meri, poor Meri. They don’t take for a minute to pay attention to how she possibly treats people because they don’t show it at all...

"I don’t think she makes herself available for any of that. I think she’s very stubborn."

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