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As has been well documented, nearly all the Sister Wives seem more miserable than ever these days.

We’re barely even kidding or exaggerating.

Have you been watching the new season of this TLC reality show?

Kody Brown is coming across as meaner than ever and most of the spouses seem constantly jealous, irritated, angry or some combination of all these emotions.

Robyn Brown in Black/White

All, that is, except for Robyn Brown.

Kody’s youngest wife, Robyn is also his latest wife and his only legal wife, having exchanged vows with the father of 18 in 2014.

The Sister Wives patriarch divorced Meri in order to marry Robyn so that he could officially adopt her three kids from a previous marriage… which is a relationship the 42-year old doesn’t talk about very much.

Indeed, Robyn was once married to a man named David Jessop.

They got hitched in June 1999 and divorced in 2007, long before Robyn met Kody, and, based on the scant number of times Robyn has broached this topic, it sounds like it was a very unhealthy union.

"Just to clarify, I do not tolerate my kids getting bullied. I ended my first marriage because of abuse. My kids come first ALWAYS," she Tweeted way back in 2011.

According to various outlets, meanwhile, Jessop no longer has any contact with his kids or ex-wife.

On the most recent episode of the hit TLC smash hit series, Robyn actually reflected on her relationship with her former husband, revealing that she told herself "to be more cautious" if she ever chose to walk down the aisle again.

During Sunday’s installment, sister wife Janelle invited Robyn over for a chat at her house.

Once there, the women talked about their communication styles within their plural family.

"The conversations with the five of us are like, I go home with a stomachache almost every single time," Robyn admitted to Janelle, referencing Kody and fellow sister wives Christine and Meri.

"COVID is really magnifying our communication breakdown issues," Robyn added to the cameras.

"We’re just not really talking to each other about COVID — we’re talking at each other."

This pandemic, of course, has taken a toll on millions of people in a number of different ways.

For the Browns, one major topic of debate has been how Kody divides his time among his many houses, considering he’s been the only family member really moving around… for safety reasons.

Kody and Robyn for Sister Wives

During this back-and-forth with Janelle, Robyn also confessed to be ing "quiet and cautious" and said she rarely has disagreements with her husband.

"Let’s just say that it’s rare that I fight with him. I probably could name five real fights in the last 10, 11 years we’ve been together," she told viewers. "Probably five real fights. Maybe not even that."

This was where she transitioned into talk about her ex.

Robyn Brown on Sister Wives Episode

"I was married before, and in that marriage there was a lot of fighting and there was a lot of pain," Robyn said.

"I promised myself as I came out of my divorce, I was like, ‘If I ever marry again, I’m just going to be more cautious and more careful.’"

Robyn joined the Brown family as Kody’s fourth wife in 2010, coming on board with children Dayton, Aurora and Breanna at the time.

He first wed Meri in April 1990, who was followed by Janelle in 1993 and Christine in 1994.

Kody and Robyn Brown Together

During her marriage to Kody, Robyn has welcomed two more children: Son Solomon and daughter Ariella.

And, on Sunday’s episode, the couple talked about the possibility of having even more children together. For real!

"I’m 41 years old. Like, there’s a biological clock ticking," she said in a confessional. "

I’m not getting younger. We can’t sit here and stall out on this if this is what we’re going to do."