Mackenzie McKee Slams MTV: You Disrespected My Dead Mom!

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This season of Teen Mom OG has been crazy in so many ways that Mackenzie McKee's story has been overshadowed at times.

But make no mistake -- on camera and off, Mackenzie still knows how to bring the drama.

And now, she's participating in the most sacred of Teen Mom rituals by biting the hand that feeds her and attacking the producers of the show that made her famous.

Mackenzie McKee on Air

As you're probably aware Mackenzie's mother passed away in December of 2019.

While it's been 18 months since Angie Douthit succumbed to cancer following a long, courageous battle, her family says the pain of losing her is as intense as it was the day it happened.

And many of those wounds were reopened by recent episodes of TMOG that documented Mackenzie and her family's grieving process.

Mackenzie and Angie In Glasses

Mackenzie says her father opened up about the pain of losing his wife while filming this year's TMOG reunion episodes.

And she says she was stunned when she watched the episodes and realized that those scenes were left on the cutting room floor. 

"My daddy poured his heart out when filming the reunion and opened up about grief and depression from missing his wife," McKee tweeted after the most recent installment aired.

Mackenzie McKee Makes a Plea

"It was beautiful but they left it all out and focused on something else. I wish you all could have seen," she added.

It's not the first time that Mackenzie has expresses dissatisfaction with the show's producers, but never before has she been so specific in her complaints.

It doesn't appear as though she's received any sort of response from her TMOG bosses, but refusing to acknowledge such criticisms seems to be the show's policy.

Mackenzie Mc Kee

This latest controversy comes on the heels of another public dispute between Mackenzie and her co-workers.

After she referred to Vice-President Kamala Harris as a "colored woman" in a Facebook post, McKee posted a video in which she lashed out against "cancel culture" and the people who sought an apology for her clumsy phrasing.

"If we write people off, cut them out and continue with this cancel culture that's not leaving room for growth," Mackenzie wrote.

Mackenzie McKee Smile

"And if we're not leaving room for growth, we can't unite and come together.

"You guys are all chanting every day 'love', 'choose love', 'let's have peace' - we can't do that if we don't leave room for growth," she added.

“It’s time to have a conversation, a form, something to educate and enlighten because the ignorance is pervasive," Mackenzie's co-stat Cheyenne Floyd tweeted.

Cheyenne Floyd in Sweats

This infuriated McKee who seemed to feel personally called out by a tweet that spoke entirely in general terms.

"Cheyenne tweeted that I’m ignorant. I would’ve gone live with her, I would’ve gone on her podcast," McKee tweeted.

"I talked to Cheyenne, and I thought things were going to be amazing, but it was just a downward spiral from there..."

Mackenzie on Season 9

Needless to say, it sounds like Mackenzie is not on great terms with several people who are involved in the production of the show.

We guess if there's an upside to this situation, it's that Teen Mom OG ratings reached record lows this past season.

So soon enough there might not be a show for Mackenzie for beef with!

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