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Maci Bookout has received a fair amount of criticism in recent weeks – and for once, the critics are completely in the right.

You see, despite the fact that Maci and husband Taylor McKinney rake in nearly $1 million annually from their "work" on Teen Mom OG and have been supplementing that income with their Things That Matter clothing line, the couple still seems to be desperate for cash.

How else to explain Maci’s recent antics? 

Maci Bookout on the Phone

Specifically, we’re referring to her continued tendency to alienate her fans with misleading and offensive clickbait?

We all love celebrity gossip and all, but this is overboard, and like so many of her Instagram commenters these days, we are calling Maci out.

We’re under no delusions that we’re gonna impact her behavior by doing so, but we’d like to be on record here.

Maci Bookout in Blue

What she’s doing on her social media accounts is 75 types of pointless and at least that many kinds of wrong, and her followers are absolutely correct in imploring her to knock it off.

Maci posting clickbait for cash is nothing new – in fact, she’s been doing it for years.

In the past, fans have accused Maci of lying about her marriage and faking pregnancies for the sake of the extra income that she earns from misleading links to bottom-shelf gossip sites.

Of course, anyone who clicks the links will find out that Maci is not getting divorced, nor is she pregnant.

But it’s not hard to see why her followers might be resent being duped, to say nothing of how they might feel about Maci directing traffic to some of the most unethical sites on the internet.

Maci Bookout in the Kitchen

But in the past, most of Bookout’s lies – which is what they are; let’s face it – at least centered around her own life.

This week, she hit a new low by spreading misinformation about her colleagues in the Teen Mom franchise.

Not only that, the post that has fans up in arms suggests a new level of desperation, as she purposefully led her fans to believe that Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, has cancer.

"Kail reveals devastating cancer news," Bookout wrote on Twitter and Instagram, along with a photo of Kail crying and Javi lying on a hospital bed.

The photo was taken from an episode of Marriage Boot Camp, in which Kail and Javi participated in an exercise to help them better appreciate one another.

Repeat: It was from a TV show, and something they were acting out, not something that really happened. At it aired in 2017.

Maci Bookout on Teen Mom Episode

The story had nothing to do with any health issues for Javi or Kail, and as far as we know, they’re both completely healthy.

However, it seems that Maci’s reputation might be in need of resuscitation after this latest stunt.

"Maci is everyone’s favorite outside of Chelsea and although I’m not a Chelsea fan Maci is way too trashy to be compared to Chelsea," one fan wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

"She is absolutely shameless when it comes to making money."

Maci Bookout in a Tanktop

"These posts are so disrespectful and triggering for people going through real cancer scares, etc," another added.

"She and Cait need to grow up and find a better way to make their $100," a third chimed in, referring to Catelynn Lowell’s unfortunate tendency to cash in on click bait.

(Although as far as we know, Lowell has never hinted that a friend of hers is dying of cancer.)

Maci Bookout in Late 2020

So will Maci change her ways, now that she’s being called out by her own fans?

Sadly, probably not.

Her followers have been griping about this sort of thing for quite some time now.

What would it take?

We’re not sure, but it seems Maci is more concerned with the extra income than she is with her longterm reputation.