Kylie Jenner Posts Makeup-Free Selfie, Gets Savagely Roasted on Instagram

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For the most part, Kylie Jenner has a pretty nice life.

Sure, she might have had her billionaire status revoked by those bean-counting nerds at Forbes magazine, but Kylie is still insanely wealthy.

Throw in the fact that she's also supremely hot and widely beloved, and it's hard to imagine many ways in which her life could get much better.

Kylie on Her Private Jet

But even Kylie has her rough days on social media, proving once again that all the money in the world can't buy you protection from the haters.

Earlier this week, Stormi's mom posted an Instagram Story that featured several close-ups of her famous face.

No big surprise there, as that's something she does pretty much every single day.

Kylie Jenner In a See-Through Dress

But Kylie's latest post was different, as it appeared as though she wasn't wearing any makeup.

That's a bit surprising, as Kylie made her fortune selling cosmetics.

What's not surprising, however, is the fact that she still looks great completely bare-faced.

Kylie Jenner Sans Makeup

And of course, Kylie attributes her flawless natural look to one of the many, many products that make up the Kylie brand.

"There is a Kylie Skin launch next month that I am really excited about, so I cannot wait to finally announce it," Kylie said, promoting her new like of skincare products.

"And I can't wait for you guys to have this product in your hand!"

Kylie Isn't Wearing Any Makeup

Kylie didn't receive much backlash for her selfies or her self-promotion, because frankly, there's not much room for complaint.

But the Story directly before that one had fans blasting Kylizzle for being privileged, sheltered, and out of touch.

"Never miss a Monday!" Kylie captioned the video that highlighted certain portions of her workout routine.

Kylie's 2021 Bikini Pic

Now, if Kylie had simply posted the workout video with no day of the week-specific motivation she probably would've been okay.

As it is, however, many felt the need to point out that Monday probably means something very different for them than it does Kylie.

"Oh to be rich," one commenter wrote.

Kylie In Turks and Caicos

"Right!!! Like hello I can walk a 30 min walk on my treadmill 1-3 times a week... while putting in 40-60 hours a week.. but we're zombies by the time we work out," a second added.

"The point is if you're rich you can don't have to worry about working the 40+ hours a week... because you're rich.. you can actually take your time...enjoy it... do it during the day.. we don't have that luxury," a third chimed in.

These people certainly have a point, as Kylie likely has much more time to squeeze in a workout than the average 23-year-old single mom.

Kylie Jenner's Scar

But Kylie remains one of the most beloved figures on Instagram, so it should come as no surprise that an army of anti-haters quickly emerged to defend her.

"What does being rich have to do with working out? Lol," one such defender wrote.

"U can workout without being rich lol," another pointed out.

Kylie Jenner In a Very Tight Dress

"She's literally just working out," a third observed.

If Kylie is aware of this exchange, she's almost certainly grateful to the folks who came out in her defense.

But in all likelihood, she's probably concerning herself with more important issues, like working on her backstroke in her swimming pool full of gold coins, a la Scrooge McDuck.

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