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Kody Brown is not a happy husband these days.

The Sister Wives star has made that as clear as he possibly can.

He has no one to blame but himself, of course, but that hasn’t stopped Kody from complaining non-stop about the lifestyle he chose many decades ago.

Kody Brown Finale Photo

Over the past several episodes of this TLC hit, Kody has actually trashed plural marriage, having apparently come to the obvious conclusion (at last!) that this is a horribly unfair practice.

"I’ve thought about this a lot lately," the father of 18 said back on the season premiere, "because I’ve told friends recently that I didn’t want to be an advocate of plural marriage anymore."

And why not?

"I am more aware now than I ever was before the apparent and obvious unfairness in the relationship," he added, once again stating what should have been obvious to him a very long time ago.

Photo via TLC

This Sunday, meanwhile, TLC will air a two-hour season finale of Sister Wives.

And Kody will make it clear that not much has changed for him when it comes to his ongoing relationships.

“We have spent our whole life trying to build a one-family culture. This could tear that apart,” Janelle says in a new sneak peek at the upcoming episode.

She says this in a confessional prior to confronting Kody with some of her concerns as follows: “I’m worried about my sanity and our relationship."

Cut to the next scene and Christine growing emotional and teairng as she admits she wants to move back to Utah after their relocation to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Does Kody respond to these concerns with concerns of his own? With even an ounce of sympathy for his spouses?

Nope. Of course not.

He makes it all about himself, per usual.

“I am in polygamy hell! I can’t take it anymore,” Kody declares on air.

As the issues reach a scorching hot boiling point, Christine confesses she’s unsure about staying with Kody… whiile Meri says she’s also feeling the pressure in her own strained connection with Kody.

During the April 4 episode of Sister Wives, Kody and Meri’s struggles were highlighted as they reached a 30-year milestone in their union.

“Here we are, celebrating our non-anniversary because we’re not a couple, but we’re a family,” she told him while they were driving together.

“You and I have not been out together since last year’s anniversary, which is fine. It is it what it is.”

Kody and Meri Brown on a Date

It shouldn’t be fine, of course.

Meri should be outraged at her selfish husband and even be thinking of leaiving him for good.

“She wants to be loved romantically, then there has to be a spark from that.

"From that, she will receive romance, love, a full marriage and a sexual relationship,” Kody said on this same episode, confessing he has no interest in sleeping with Meri again.

Meri Brown with Hubby

“My discussion with Meri right now isn’t about me telling Meri that she has to have a divorce with me, that she has to leave,” Kody continued, revealing he had no desire to give her an ultimatum about staying or going.

“I’m not doing that. I will never do that. My faith doesn’t allow me to," he added of asking out of the marriage himself.

"My conscience doesn’t allow me to … I’m like, ‘I’m finally out of the anger phase, I’m finally out of the bitterness now how are we gonna do this right?’”

Meri Brown in 2021

After the episode aired, Robyn even took to Twitter and sounded off about the pair’s hardships.

“Out of respect for Meri and Kody, I don’t want to comment on their relationship.

"All I want to say is I support them both and I pray for them to figure out their issues,” she wrote, later posting;

“It is so hard to see where Kody is at right now, but I know we all need to do better and work harder on our relationships with each other.”