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From the moment that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West, insiders reported that the mother of four planned to take full advantage of her newfound freedom.

And now, it looks as though Kanye’s loss might be a major win for Kim’s 215 million Instagram followers, as she’s been posting some of the raciest content of her career in recent weeks!

There was a time when Kim was forced to post more subdued pics in order to please her overbearing husband.

Yesus and Kim

Yes, despite the fact that Kanye has made a career out of boasting about his sexual escapades, it seems he had strict rules about what sort of clothing his wife was allowed to wear and what kind of pics she could post.

Kim has even confirmed that Kanye used to dress her before they attended high-profile events.

So now, after years of suppression, Kim is once again ready to flaunt her flawless figure for the all the world to see.

Kim Kardashian in 2021

And it seems that she’s been sending some messages to Kanye in the captions of her latest Instagram posts.

"It’s not for you to understand," Kim wrote alongside the photo above.

She captioned the pic below simply, "Bliss."

"Kim is having a lot of fun right now. She feels free and is a lot happier," a source close to the situation tells E! News.

"It’s a new era for Kim. She has been loving going out with friends, meeting new people and really being out and about again."

In addition to her responsibilities as a mother and her many business ventures, Kim is working to become a lawyer, and while life as a single mom might be hectic, it seems Kim wouldn’t change it for the world.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Snapsho

"It’s a tough juggle," the insider concedes, "but everyone is so happy that she’s finally making more time for herself."

A different source tells Life & Style that Kim’s divorce came at a perfect time, as it’s helped her to embrace a new era in her life.

“Kim is getting back into the swing of living like a free woman,” says the insider.

Kim Kardashian Is Wearing a Bikini on Vacation

“Now that she is single again, she is embracing her age, her status and the fact that she looks better now, at 40, than ever before.” 

The source confirms that Kim is not only dressing “sexier than ever," but is also “laughing and seems lighter as if a weight has been lifted. It’s like the old Kim is back.” 

“It wasn’t an easy choice, but it was necessary,” adds the insider.

“They really tried to stay together. It’s been difficult and it’s not over yet, but she’s at peace with moving on. She’s actually really excited about what lies ahead.”

Kim has not re-entered the dating pool yet, and it may be quite some before that happens.

But when she does decide to put herself out there, it seems that she’ll do so joyfully and confidently — and that her most recent marriage will serve as a hard lesson learned about what she does not want in a relationship.