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Well, it’s official — Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kanye West.

By the standards of celebrity marriages — especially ones involving extra-volatile figures like Kanye — these two actually had a pretty good run.

But now it’s over — and Kim’s life is about to change in a number of significant ways.

Yesus and Kim

For starters, she and Kanye will have to divide billions in assets.

The custody situation should be pretty easy to settle, as Kanye is apparently planning to reside primarily in Wyoming and swoop in a few times a month to spend time with the former couple’s four kids.

You can do that sort of thing when you’re a billionaire.

Kris, Kim & Kanye

Anyway, Kim’s life might be more complicated in some ways, but in others, it’s soon to become much, much easier. 

You see, despite living the life of a hedonistic rap superstar for many years, Kanye has an unfortunate puritanical streak in him.

And by that we mean, he wants the women in his life to dress like their members of the Duggar family, while he continues to do whatever he wants.

Kimye Throwback Photo

Following his recent conversion from Normal Person Christian to Evangelical Weirdo Who You Don’t Want to Get Stuck Alone With at a Party, Kanye started dictating how Kim was allowed to dress.

You might remember several recent examples of this, including the time that Kanye slut-shamed Kylie Jenner for posing in Playboy while he himself was in the midst of an unhinged Twitter tirade in which he falsely accused his wife of cheating on him.

According to a new report from the UK tabloid the Mirror, Kim’s learned to "be easier on herself" in the months since she and Kanye first separated.

"Kanye would make a habit of telling her to cover up," an insider tells the outlet.

"It seemed the more insecure he was, the more he fretted about her. She used to worry what she would wear each morning," the insider adds.

"That’s totally gone now, so she can express herself the way she wants to."

Kim Kardashian Out in the Sun

And it seems the way Kim wants to express herself is fully nude.

"Kim is happiest stripping off entirely when the cameras aren’t on her," the insider says.

"She sunbathes fully nude and sleeps in the buff. More than anything it’s taught her to be easier on herself and accept her flaws."

We can only hope that the dissolution of this marriage will lead to more Kim Kardashian nudity on our social media feeds.

What better way for Kim to make her followers happy and stick it to her ex at the same time?

It’s not often that celebrity nudity doubles as an opportunity to teach a misogynistic jerk a lesson, so this is really a golden opportunity.

Kim Kardashian In Bikini and Yeezys

Of course, Kanye will probably spend the next year losing his mind and trash-talking Kim on social meida regardless of what she does or doesn’t post.

Maybe his life of baggy sweats and hideous sneakers in Wyoming will be as cool as Kim’s naked life in SoCal.

But we highly doubt it.