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Kim Kardashian may soon be single.

But we can now officially be clear:

She will not be hurting for money.

Not even remotely.

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On the verge of a divorce from Kanye West, the Instagram influencer may not have access to the rapper’s bank account any longer — but Forbes Magazine made it known this week.

She most definitely will be just fine on her own.

According to this famous publication, Kardashian is now with a billion dollars.

This is a massive increase from the $780 million she was worth when Forbes last checked in just a few months ago, in October 2020.

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What accounts for this boost in wealth? For this nearly incomprehensible figure?

Kim’s cosmetics line, KKW Beauty, along with her SKIMS apparel brand.

It certainly sounds as if Americans who have been stuck inside their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic have been surfing the Internet and ordering items from Kim’s various lines to use and/or wear in their houses.

Kim Kardashian on the Final Season

By Forbes’ account, KKW Beauty was bringing in approximately $100 million annually since its launch in 2017 — and when Kardashian sold 20% of her ownership stake in the company to beauty conglomerate Coty… she instantly made $200 million.

Forbes says the remaining 72% stake she still has in the company is worth around $500 million on its own.

Holy. Stacks. Of. Benjamins.

Then there’s SKIMS.

While this brand has not disclosed its financials, per Forbes, the magazine still estimates her ownership stake at around $225 million.

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This does not add up to $1 billion, we know.

But the rest of her cash sits in cash and other investments — including real estate.

Since 2012, Forbes reports that Kardashian has been collecting at least $10 million a year (pre-tax) from her family’s reality show, endorsement deals and other business ventures she’s merely dipped her toes into over time.

All this, and her Ray J sex tape still brings in some bucks, too!

See Ya, Kanye!
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Two years ago, Kylie Jenner was also named a billionaire by Forbes.

There was quite a bit of controversy at the time because the outlet also dubbed Kylie the youngest "self-made" billionaire on the planet, which prompted the raising of many eyebrows across the globe.

We mean… is Kylie Jenner truly self-made?

Or did she ride the often-naked coattails of her older half-sister and/or her family name in general?

Kimye Throwback
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Kylie later clapped back against the hate and insisted she was self-made and was a billionaire and all critics can basically suck it.

"I’ve never asked for any title or tried to lie my way there EVER. Period," Kylie wrote after questions arose about her tax returns and whetherr she, technically, was part of the billionaire’s club.

Kim, for her part, has made no such statement.

Nor has she faced any sort of criticism about her finances.

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For all those wondering why she’s been married and divorced three times, however, you can at least rest assured:

She isn’t digging for any gold.

She hasn’t been using these men for their money.

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but she knows how to make plenty on her own.