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Before they are married, members of the Duggar family are forbidden to engage in any sort of physical contact with members of the opposite sex.

After they get hitched, however, look out …

The Duggars also believe in letting the whole world know when you’re gettin’ it on, so it’s common for married couples to post pics in which they’re all over each other.

And the latest newlyweds are proudly taking part in that grand tradition.

As you’ve likely heard by now, Jed Duggar married Katey Nakatsu in a secretive ceremony last week.

Why did the couple hide their courtship from fans?

Well, it’s looking more and more like we may never have the answer to that question.

But even though the newlyweds were much, much more low-key in their wedding prep than most members of Jed’s clan, that hasn’t stopped them from flaunting their wedded bliss for all to see in true Duggar fashion.

The couple is currently enjoying their honeymoon in an undisclosed location.

And they want the whole world to know that they’re madly in love and blissfully happy.

Jed and Katey's Honeymoon

Over the weekend, Jed posted several photos of he and Katey enjoying one another’s company in some sort of beachy locale.

"No matter the view, I want to see it with you," he captioned the pics.

It all happened so fast that many of Jed’s followers had no idea he was courting anyone, much less married.

"I missed the wedding congratulations," one commenter wrote.

"Wait a dang minute when did he get married???" a second chimed in.

"Probably will get pregnant on the honeymoon," a third speculated.

Jed Duggar and Katie Nakatsu Engagement Photo

That’s very likely, of course,

In fact, there are many who believe that Katey is already pregnant, which is why she and Jed were in such a rush to tie the knot.

It’s possible, but if that were the case, you can be sure that she and Jed would keep it as secret as their honeymoon location.

Katey Nakatsu Image

(Commenters suspect the happy couple is in Hawaii, but Jed and Katey aren’t talking.)

But while they don’t want anyone knowing where they are, in other respects, Jed and Katey are finally opening up about their relationship.

"For a long time I have prayed for my future spouse, not knowing who that person would be," Jed wrote on Instagram last week by way of a wedding announcement.

"God answered my prayers far beyond what I could have ever imagined in Katey! We have enjoyed quietly developing our relationship over the past year and every moment together has been amazing!" the 22-year-old aspiring politician continued.

"I’m so grateful God brought Katey into my life and excited to share with you all that today she became my wife!" Jed went on.

"Katey, the thought of sharing the rest of my life with you makes me the happiest man in the world! I love you so much!! #happilyeverafter."

Jed Duggar and Katey Nakatsu

While she probably didn’t appreciate being kept a secret, Katey must have appreciated Jed’s gushy announcement.

Fans are still a bit confused as to why these two felt the need to keep their courtship under wraps.

But whatever the case, Jed and Katey are making no secret of their love these days.