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Usually, when a couple announces that they’re divorced, they do so with at least a tinge of sadness.

But Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison are downright thrilled to inform the world that their marriage has come to an end.

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison red carpet
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We guess that’ll happen when you’re separated for far longer than you were together.

Yes, according to a new report from TMZ, Courtney and Doug have finally ended their marriage, a full 8 years after tying the knot.

Of course, Stodden and Hutchison separated for the final time — after several short-lived breakups — back in 2017.

Stodden filed for divorce back in early 2018.

Needless to say, the legal process was a lengthy one, which is probably why Stodden was so ecstatic in her confirmation this afternoon.

Stodden posted the below pic, along with a caption reading:

“I’m officially divorced today #divorceday”

We think it’s safe to say she’s not too torn about this one.

Photo via Instagram

Celebrity divorces happen all the time, but Courtney and Doug’s case is almost unprecedented, as it’s their marriage that made them famous in the first place.

Stodden was just 16 when she married Hutchison back in 2011.

He was 51.

Hutchison was a D-list actor and Stodden an aspiring singer.

Despite their shared lack of fame, the marriage made tabloid headlines due to the couple’s extreme age gap.

At first, Courtney and Doug insisted that their marriage was legit and their love was pure.

As time went by, however, and the relationship began to break down, both parties confessed that free publicity factored into their decision.

Stodden is estranged from her mother, Krista Heller, who has repeatedly claimed that the marriage was a sham, which she helped to orchestrate.

Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison Looking Happy

Whatever the case, it’s all over with now.

The legal wrangling that held the proceedings up was nothing terribly exciting.

In the end, a spat over the couple’s three credit cards was resolved, and Doug wound up with full custody of their dog.

We’re sure Courtney considers it a small price to pay to be legally single for the first time since she was 16!