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Chelsea Houska has come a long way in recent years.

When Teen Mom 2 viewers were first introduced to the South Dakota native, she was in a bad place in her life.

Some of Chelsea’s misfortunes had to do with teen motherhood, of course, but many of them were the result of her relationship with Adam Lind, the father of her eldest child.

Chelsea Houska-Adam Lind

In the years that followed, Lind would continue to be a thorn in Chelsea’s side.

Not only did he make life more difficult for Houska, he was a damaging presence in the life of her daughter, Aubree.

There was a time when many viewers predicted that the situation would continue to deteriorate until it ended in some sort of disaster.

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Thankfully, Chelsea beat the odds and found happiness with a new man and a new life.

But even though there’s been discussion of Cole DeBoer adopting Aubree, Lind is still the girl’s dad, which means in some small way, he’ll always be a part of Chelsea’s life.

He might be an absentee father with no visitation rights, but there’s still a member of Chelsea’s family with the guy’s DNA, so he must occasionally enter her thoughts.

Chelsea With Aubree in 2020
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All of this is to say that when Chelsea refers to some sartorially-challenged loser ex from her distant past, there’s no doubt about whom she’s referring to.

Thankfully, her relationship with Lind happened long enough ago that Chelsea is now prepared to laugh about it.

Earlier this week, Chelsea "liked" and commented on a meme that roasted guys who look and act like Adam.

Adam Lind Meme
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The meme pokes fun at "girls from high school on Facebook" who date pickup truck-driving dudes with goatees and white-framed sunglasses.

That might sound bizarrely specific, but it’s definitely a type in many parts of rural America.

And Chelsea spent several years of her life involved with a guy who fits the description.

"I feel like I’m being personally attacked here," she commented on the post.

Unfortunately, in addition to being fond of pickups and goatees, Adam also had a thing for hard drugs and abusive behavior.

These days, Chelsea really doesn’t talk about him at all.

Chelsea Houska: Season 8B
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But fans recently received an update on Lind from his other baby mama, Taylor Halbur.

“He hasn’t reached out at all. I honestly could not tell you where he’s at. I haven’t heard a single thing about him. He’s a ghost," Halbur said in an interview.

"I have no clue where he’s at or what he’s doing.”

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As with Aubree, Lind has surrendered his parental rights to daughter Paislee, and Taylor says she still doesn’t know what led him to that decision.

“I think child support was part of it. I don’t think that was 100 percent all of it," she told UK tabloid The Sun.

So while we don’t usually condone making fun of people on the basis of their appearance, we’re totally in favor of roasting a deadbeat dad like Adam Lind anytime the opportunity to do so presents itself.