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When Briana DeJesus joined OnlyFans, she made a solemn promise to the public:

In front of God and the entire universe, Bri stood and proudly declared that she would not be showing her butthole on the site.

That might sound like a pretty easy promise to keep, but for reality TV stars like Bri, the temptation to pull in a year’s salary with a few naked pics can be mighty powerful.

Briana DeJesus with a Kiss
Photo via Instagram

Many a C- and D-list celeb has joined OnlyFans with every intention of keeping their clothes on.

But when they see how much money they can make partially clothed, it’s only natural that they would start contemplating how much they might get paid if they decided to strip down.

Bri has been quite open about the fact that she’s the most money-hungry of all the Teen Moms, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that she eventually gave into the temptation and went the full Monty.

Briana DeJesus on OnlyFans

To her credit, Bri still has not bared her b-hole to the world.

However, she has unleashed her surgically-enhanced boobs for the viewing pleasure of her subscribers.

Or at least that’s what she seems to be suggesting with her latest Instagram Story.

Photo via Instagram

There’s been a good deal of debate over what exactly is going on in this photo.

Did Bri censor it because she’s wearing some sort of sheer bra, or has she hefted her girls over the top of the thing?

Is she obscuring the most interesting part of the pic because she’s afraid of violating Instagram’s strict no-nipple policy, or because she wants her followers to subscribe before they’re able to see what’s going on under those hearts?

Briana Explains the Coronavirus

"Took a little break but I’m back," DeJesus captioned the pic, linking, of course to her OnlyFans page.

We don’t know why Bri took a break, or for how long she was absent from OF, but it seems that the partnership is working out for her.

During her first week on the site, DeJesus made $10,000 — or so she claims.

Briana DeJesus Gets Her Results

Of course, that number has probably tapered off, as the novelty of Bri’s appearance on the site has begun to wear off.

Perhaps in the interest of ensuring that her money stays long, Briana has decided to dial back her "no nudity" promise.

Either way, she’s proving the haters wrong every day.

Bri D
Photo via Instagram

When she first joined OnlyFans, Bri’s Twitter followers told her she would never make any money unless she was willing to post some seriously hardcore content.

But through semi-nude pics and the occasional photo of her feet, the mother of two managed to rake in five figures in a single week — and during a pandemic, no less!

DeJesus has complained about users pressuring her to get naked, but she doesn’t strike us as the type to give in against her will.

No, if Bri decided in the end to let it all out, she probably did so in order to score herself another $10,000 week — and that, folks, is the American dream.