Amelia Hamlin Posts Thirstiest Bikini Pics Yet, Prepares to Move In With Scott Disick

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We don't pretend to know what Scott Disick's personal philosophy on life is, but we would guess it's something along the lines of, "if you're gonna do something wrong, you may as well do it right."

For example, when Scott was a drunk, he didn't go on benders at his local dive bar.

No, he hopped a private jet and got hammered with Instagram models in exotic locales all over the globe.

Amelia Hamlin With Scott

And now that Scott's primary vice is women who are young enough to be his daughter, he's not hanging out at the local community college with a trunk full of vape cartridges.

No, he's dating models with famous parents who might be able to help him weasel his way back onto a reality TV show.

Now, we're not saying Scott is dating Amelia Hamlin solely because of her celebrity connections.

Amelia Hamlin Is a Model

No, Mr. Disick seems to have other reasons for favoring women who were not yet born when he graduated high school.

Hopefully, we don't have to explain the situation to you.

But if you're still wondering why Scott would risk his reputation and his self-respect to hook up with a girl who's still a couple of years away from her first legal drink, perhaps Amelia's latest beach selfies will enlighten you.

Amelia Hamlin In Florida

The couple is currently in Miami together, and it sounds like they might be staying there.

Look, we didn't want to believe the rumors about Scott and Amelia moving in together, either.

But sadly, it looks like it's actually happening.

Amelia Hamlin Wears a Thong

"Scott's planning to move to Miami temporarily for a change of scenery [and] pace and he will split his time between there and LA so he can see his kids and the rest of the family," a source close to the situation recently told E! News.

"Amelia is planning on moving in with him. Scott was lonely when he and Sofia [Richie] broke up, which is one of the reasons he and Amelia got together so quickly," the insider added.

"They've been getting a bit more serious for now. Scott has been having a good time with Amelia."

Amelia Hamlin Rocks a Bikini In Miami

Moving to the complete opposite side of the country solely out of boredom isn't the kind of move one expects from a father of three.

But hey, Scott is bringing a child with him.

We kid, we kid.

Scott and Amelia Are Dating

Scott and Amelia's relationship is perfectly legal -- although that doesn't make it any less gross -- and it seems that they've gained the approval of her parents, as well as several other important people.

For example, in a twist that no one saw coming, Kourtney Kardashian has approved of Scott and Amelia.

Of course, facts like that are presented by Scott's publicists as though they're evidence of how totally un-creepy this relationship is.

Amelia Hamlin Flaunts Her Body in Lingerie

Really, they just make us think that Kourt will approve of pretty much anything Scott does, as long as he stays sober and doesn't stir up any unnecessary drama.

We guess it's an arrangement that works for them.

But we can't help thinking that poor young, impressionable Amelia is a pawn in all of this.

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