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When Scott Disick bailed on rehab for the fifth time last week, it was widely assumed that he would eventually get back up to his old tricks. 

What no one realized, is that it wouldn’t even take him 24 hours to get drunk and make an ass of himself. 

Scott Disick on the Red Carpet
Photo via Judy Eddy/

Sources say that within moments of leaving the Rhythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, Scott was at a nearby bar getting plastered and hitting on women. 

One of his targets, a young local named Camila Garaizabal, offered her story to Heat magazine, and her version of events makes Scott sound less like a freshly rehabbed father of three, and more like a turnt up frat boy.

"He could barely walk," says Garaizabal. "He had obviously been drinking. He asked me and my friend for our phone numbers."

Doesn’t sound like Scott is too worried about those recent reports that his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian is "hanging by a thread."

Things have seemed to improve between Scott and Kourtney since his latest rehab exodus, with Kourtney sharing a photo of the night they met on Instagram recently. 

People who are about to break up their families generally don’t sit around fondly reflecting on the early days.

Of course, that was before the latest news about Scott’s Costa Rican club night. 

Kourtney likely assumed her troubled baby daddy would go back to drinking (he always does), but we doubt she thought he would be trying to bang the locals.