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Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? premieres later this month.

It looks like this will be the first season to air concurrently on TLC and on Discovery Plus.

But Discovery Plus, the controversial streaming app that includes the 90 Day franchise, also has exclusive content.

Four months after the service launched, what’s on it, and is it worth it?

Discovery Plus’ primary purpose is to stream content to countless potential viewers who do not have cable.

At the same time, the streaming service — with a price ranging from $4.99 to $7.99 a month — is obviously designed to make a profit.

Towards both ends, Discovery Plus hopes to entice viewers with and without cable by offering 90 Day Fiance exclusives.

One of the exclusive spinoffs is 90 Day: Bares All, where Shaun chats with current and former stars.

This is a spinoff that takes full advantage of the realities of the new streaming platform.

TLC has to abide by specific standards for its brand and its timeslots. Streaming does not.

Brandon Gibbs on 90 Day Bares All

One example? Viewers know how an unseen arguments between Brandon and Julia ended.

With the camera installed in the car, they made up the old fashioned way.

Specifically, Julia performed a sex act on Brandon … and without nudity, viewers saw a fair amount of that on screen.

90 Day Diaries is basically a continuation of 90 Day: Self-Quarantined Edition.

While the pandemic is still in full swing, this spinoff focuses less upon life in lockdown.

Still, the premise is similar — stars from the franchise film themselves at home and keep viewers up to speed on their journey.

Discovery+ promo featuring 90 Day Fiance

Of course, now that we know a lot more about COVID-19 transmission, the production value has gone up.

This means that better cameras and equipment can be used.

The previous iteration literally just involved iPhones and iPads being mailed to the stars.

90 Day Journey is more of a compilation of previously existing footage.

Instead of showing us an ensemble, viewers get to focus upon a specific couple.

You can stream a specific couple’s, well, journey throughout multiple seasons.

The Other Way Strikes Back is just like the past Strikes Back shows.

On it, stars who appeared on The Other Way can clap back.

It’s a little like a Tell All, but they’re clapping back at the audience, their haters, and how they are perceived.

Love Games is a competition, where couples compete over how well they know each other.

It can be hit or miss depending upon how you feel about the couples.

But if you’re on the fence about it, one of the highest scoring "couples" is … Colt and Debbie. Gross, but hilarious.

90 Day: The Single Life is more or less what fans have been asking to see for years.

It’s a way of following some of the show’s most interesting, polarizing stars after their breakups.

Yes, a couple of stars have double-dipped when it comes to overseas fiances, but they shouldn’t have to to remain famous.

On this spinoff, we’ve seen Big Ed’s trials and tribulations as he attempts to date again.

And while Ed hasn’t changed — he’s still creepily pursuing the prettiest young women he sees — he’s not the only star.

Danielle has come a long way since her season, but as she tearfully confessed, she’s still a little hung up on Mohamed.

Danielle Mullins in Tears

Now, some fans have been downright furious that not every single thing in the franchise is on Discovery Plus … yet.

The reason that, for example, Season 8 wasn’t streaming on the app as it aired on TLC was simple: licensing.

Right now, Hulu is licensed to stream Season 8. This is fairly common for new streaming services.

Discovery Plus promo

It looks like Season 6 of Happily Ever After? is going to stream on the app and air on TLC.

If this goes smoothly (we won’t know until the premiere on April 25), it could settle a lot of nerves.

Some subscribers love Discovery Plus, but others have felt like they were conned into subscribing.

Shaun Robinson IG 90 Day Fiance Bares All

The service costs $4.99 per month with ads, and a $7.99 per month without them.

There is, however, a one-week free trial that is probably a great idea for someone who is on the fence to check out.

Discovery Plus delivers plenty of content at a (relative to the industry) okay price. Anyone unsure should test it for themselves.