Sofia Richie: Scott Disick Is Still In Love With Kourtney Kardashian! Good Luck, Amelia!

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When Scott Disick and Sofia Richie broke up back in the summer of 2020, fans assumed that it was the couple's age gap which finally led them to call it quits.

After all, Scott is 15 years older than Sofia, and when the two of them first got together it was widely assumed that their romance was nothing but a fling, and that their passion for one another would quickly flame out.

But Disick and Richie remained an item for much longer than the nay-sayers expected, and when they did part ways, it had nothing to do with the fact that they're from different generations.

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick Look Sad

These days, Scott is dating Amelia Hamlin, who's even younger than Sofia.

But to hear Sofia tell it, Amelia will never have the entirety of Scott's love -- and that's because he's still holding a torch for his most famous ex.

There was a time when Sofia seemed to accept that Scott would always be close with Kourtney Kardashian, who is the mother of his three children.

Scott and Sofia in Black and White

But on the March 18 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott revealed that Sofia underwent a change of heart toward the end of their relationship:

“She was like, I don’t want to share you as a boyfriend with Kourtney,” Scott told Kim and Khloe.

“And she literally said with an ultimatum: you have to choose, me or Kourtney. And I was like, but Kourtney is Kourtney and my kids," Disick added.

Kourtney, Scott, Sofia

"It’s a unit… I was like, how could you even want that for me? It just became an impossible relationship to keep carrying on with.”

Now, an insider tells Hollywood Life that Sofia had her suspicions about Scott's relationship with Kourtney, but she insists that she did not issue Disick an ultimatum.

“Sofia understands that what Scott said to Kim [Kardashian] and Khloe [Kardashian] was filmed a little while ago and whether or not he still feels that way doesn’t affect her one way or another,” said a source close to the situation.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie on a Couch

“She’s really moved on from their breakup and is focused on doing her own thing and being happy. Even if Scott truly feels like Sofia gave him an ultimatum, then that’s his perspective but she never felt that she did," the insider added.

“Sofia was always supportive of Scott’s relationship with Kourtney, especially since she was the mother of their children."

The insider claims that Sofia spent a good deal of time forging a bond with Kourtney, as she recognized the central role that Scott's ex continues to play in his life.

Scott Holds Sofia

But in the end, she came to terms with the fact that Scott's heart would always belong to the mother of his kids.

“She always made a point to spend time with his kids and focused on building a bond with Kourtney," the insider said.

"Scott, Sofia, and Kourtney all went on vacations as a group and they spent a lot of time together. Sofia feels like she made every effort to show that she was cool with Kourtney, even following her on social media until after they had already broken up.”

Scott Disick Turns 36

Understandably, it seems that Sofia is not thrilled to see her breakup with Scott re-litigated on KUWTK.

“Sofia knows how things work and she was aware that the breakup would come up on the show, but it’s something she’s trying to ignore,” a second source said.

“It’s unfortunate that she’s being made to look like the bad guy, but she’s keeping her head up and not paying attention to the headlines.”

Scott and Sofia Get Wet

The second insider says that Sofia put everything she had into her relationship with Scott, but in the end, it simply wasn't enough.

“Whenever there’s a breakup, there are always two sides and from Sofia‘s perspective, she made a huge effort to make it work,” the source added.

“She got along great with his kids and was very understanding of Scott’s situation. For Sofia, it just got to a place where she wasn’t happy with Scott," the source went on.

Scott Holds Sofia

"They were just at such different places in their lives… She prefers to take the high road and keep it moving. She is focused on her own life and not looking backwards.”

Unfortunately, it seems that new episodes of KUWTK have forced Sofia to look backward.

And now, she may be hoping that Amelia will look at her story as a cautionary tale.

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